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Alumni: Networking locally, connecting globally​

A joint passion for making a global difference has been the hallmark of It’s All Academic. Generously giving their time, expertise and money, our alumni have been crucial partners in the Campaign’s success. Through events like our annual Festival and receptions, and initiatives like UCL Coffee Connect, It’s All Academic has given alumni the opportunity to play an active role in UCL life, connecting with each other and staying close to UCL and its ground-breaking work. And by inspiring UCL people to nurture and mentor our graduates, the Campaign has in turn supported alumni.

Alumni volunteers have given their time to It’s All Academic in numerous ways, totalling over 263,000 volunteer hours. Career mentors have contributed almost 162,000 hours of support for UCL students and recent graduates, improving their mentees' confidence, opening up their networks, and raising their aspirations. Alumni speakers have given more than 3,000 hours to the Campaign, inspiring and influencing students and peers by sharing their experiences. And alumni clubs and networks, which host activities and support UCL alumni all across the globe, have also played a vital role in exceeding the volunteer hours target. 

Alumni support has also been essential to achieving It’s All Academic's financial targets, with almost 10,000 alumni donating to the Campaign. And at a moment of unparalleled demand, alumni support enabled the Campaign to quickly respond to COVID-19. £3 million of PPE was donated by an allegiance of alumni club leaders, more than 150 people signed up as digital volunteers during the first UK lockdown, and yet more alumni donated to UCL’s Emergency Assistance and Coronavirus Response Funds.

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