Communications & Marketing


Student Recruitment Marketing

The Student Recruitment Marketing department is responsible for developing and implementing student recruitment strategy across all levels of study and all markets.  Student Recruitment Marketing comprises three sections: Student Recruitment Media, Student Recruitment Operations and Data and Market Research.


Key contacts

Dr David Stevens Director of Student Recruitment Marketing d.stevens@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53857
+44 (0)20 3108 3857
Policy and strategy

Student Recruitment Media

We produce UCL’s core student recruitment communications, comprising a suite of customer-focused publications across web and print formats and departmental/faculty student recruitment materials. We ensure that the quality of student recruitment output is consistent with UCL’s internationally renowned, globally important status and is compliant with CMA advice and guidance in relation to Consumer Protection Law.

We run UCL's Undergraduate prospectus website, the Graduate prospectus website and the International website, providing information to prospective UCL students across the UK and around the world. The team also provides video and audio support to departments, as well as managing the StudyUCL YouTube channel.

Ian Bartlett Head of Student Recruitment Media i.bartlett@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53864
+44 (0)20 3108 3864
Policy, strategy (Student Recruitment Media)

Design and Editorial team

Rachel Hobbs
Design and Communications Manager r.hobbs@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58366
+44 (0)20 3108 3866 
Project management, design oversight
 Paul Rainbow Senior Design Co-ordinator p.rainbow@ucl.ac.uk
Extn. 52863
+44 (0)20 3108 2863
Design co-ordination, marketing collateral production, prospectus systems
Ruth Brooks Senior Communications Officer (Widening Participation) ruth.brooks@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 57186
+44 (0)20 3108 7186
Communications co-ordination and production, advice (Widening Participation)
Katie Grocott Senior Communications Officer (Editorial) k.grocott@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53867
+44 (0)20 3108 3867
Editorial management, quality control
Hayat Benhalima Communications Assistant h.benhalima@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 57230
+44 (0)20 3108 7230
Publication production support
Patricia Newby Communications Officer (Editorial)
+44 (0)20 3108 8513
Prospectus content

Web team

Ben Johnston Senior Communications Officer (Web Development)  b.johnston@ucl.ac.uk
Extn. 58512
+44 (0)20 3108 8512  
Prospectus and related database development 
Kadifa Jones Communications Officer (Web) kadifa.jones@ucl.ac.uk
Extn. 53851
+44 (0)20 3108 3851
Prospective Students website 
Bea Caballero Martin Communications Officer (Web)
Prospective Students website

Video team

Laura Hewison Video Producer l.hewison@ucl.ac.uk
Ext 58517
+44 (0)20 3108 8517
Video Producer (Widening Participation)

Student Recruitment Operations

We are a professional centre for information on all levels of study and for all recruitment markets: UK, EU and non-EU. We have developed broad knowledge of the conditions and dynamics of individual markets, and provide a range of information and services to support faculties' and departments' own marketing strategies. Members of the team, often accompanied by staff from other departments at UCL, represent UCL in recruitment activities in more than 50 countries around the world. 
Additional responsibilities of the team include affiliate and summer school student recruitment and student recruitment social media channels. The SRO team also manages Hobsons Radius, UCL's enquirer and offer-holder client relationship management (CRM) system.

Neil Green Head of Student Recruitment Operations    neil.green@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53859
+44 (0)20 3108 3859
Policy, strategy (student recruitment operations)

Digital marketing

Monika Harms
(maternity leave until June 2018)
Digital Marketing Manager m.harms@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53860
+44 (0)20 3108 3860
Digital marketing strategy
Andy Marriott
(until June 2018)
Digital Marketing Manager a.marriott@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 53860
+44 (0)20 3108 3860
Digital Marketing strategy
Annett Seifert
Senior Digital Marketing Officer a.seifert@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 57767
+44 (0)20 3108 7767
CRM, social media, virtual events, Gecko
Megan Liversey Digital Marketing Officer
m.liversey@ucl.ac.uk CRM emails, social media
Digital Marketing Assistant    

Africa, Asia, Middle East

Julie Rolls Liaison and Recruitment Manager j.rolls@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 53855
+44 (0)20 3108 3855 

Recruitment and promotion
Internal communications

New programme research

Markets: Singapore, Vietnam

Maral Dadourian  Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer m.dadourian@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 53862
+44 (0)20 3108 3862 

Brain Sciences

Markets: Middle East (not Saudi Arabia), North Africa

Hannah Legg Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer h.legg@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 58530
+44 (0)20 3108 8530 

Medical Sciences

Markets: Brunei, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia,

Emma Hallett
Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer e.hallett@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 59046
+44 (0)20 3108 9046


Markets: China, Thailand

Aameer Patel Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer


Ext. 58918
+44 (0)20 3108 8918

Population Health Sciences

Markets: East, South, West Africa, Saudi Arabia 
Arvind Vepa Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer a.vepa@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 58528
+44 (0)20 3108 8528 

Life Sciences

Markets: South Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong 

Americas and Australasia

Mark Pickerill Liaison and Recruitment Manager m.pickerill@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 58527
+44 (0)20 3108 8527 

Affiliate recruitment

Market: USA, Australasia

Lelde Browne Liaison and Recruitment Officer lelde.browne@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58978
+44 (0)20 3108 8978
Event support – logistics 
General enquiries
Jamie Clarke Liaison and Recruitment Officer jamie.clarke@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58529
+44 (0)20 3108 8529 
Event support – logistics
General enquiries
Alex Craik Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer a.craik@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 58526
+44 (0)20 3108 8526

Social and Historical Sciences

Market: USA

Vacant Liaison and Recruitment Officer   Student recruitment
Alice Hart
(maternity leave until spring 2018)
Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer alice.hart@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 06690
+44 (0)20 3108 6690
Affiliate, Summer School, co-funding and scholarship agreements
Rory Herron
Summer School Liaison and Recruitment Officer r.herron@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58534
+44 (0)20 3108 8534
 Summer School
Danielle Macfarlane
Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer d.macfarlane@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 05466
+44 (0)20 3108 5466


Markets: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico

Dr Valentina Seravalle
(until spring 2018)
Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer v.seravalle@ucl.ac.uk
+44 (0)20 3108 6690
Affiliate, Summer School, co-funding and scholarship agreements
Jo Turner Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer jo.turner@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58522
+44 (0)20 3108 8522 
Arts and Humanities
Markets: Brazil, Canada

EU and UK Graduate

Hayley Simpson Liaison and Recruitment Manager h.simpson@ucl.ac.uk
+44 (0)20 3549 5278

Graduate marketing

Market: UK Graduate

Ben Harris Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer b.harris@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58521
+44 (0)20 3108 8521

Markets: North and East Europe
Anna Henley Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer a.henley@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 58531  
+44 (0)20 3108 8531 

Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Markets: South and West Europe

Yasmin Hossain
Liaison and Recruitment Officer yasmin.hossain@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 06104
+44 (0)20 7612 6104
Student recruitment (Europe)

UK Undergraduate

Lisa Schappert Liaison and Recruitment Manager l.schappert@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 57364
+44 (0)20 3108 7364
UK UG recruitment marketing
Sandra Baerens

Senior Liaison and Recruitment Officer s.baerens@ucl.ac.uk UG Open Days, schools liaison, conversion events
Justyna Fewster Liaison and Recruitment Officer j.fewster@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58510
+44 (0)20 3108 8510
UG Open Days, conversion events
Raoul Morley Liaison and Recruitment Officer raoul.morley@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58278
+44 (0)20 3108 8278
UCAS fairs, schools liaison
Jasveer Soor
Liaison and Recruitment Officer jasveer.soor@ucl.ac.uk
+44 (0)20 3108 6973
UG Open Days, conversion events, school visits

Data and Market Research

We conduct market research to inform recruitment activities and recruitment publication content and design, and to identify the market for proposed new programmes. We also provide advice for faculties and departments into how to engage in market research, and qualitative and quantitative research methods available to them. The Data & Research team also produce interactive datasets to inform student recruitment activity, develop infographics and other data resources to inform decision making and convey the priorities of student recruitment at UCL. 

Job title
Area of responsibility
Lydia Harwood Data and Research Manager l.harwood@ucl.ac.uk
Ext. 58525
+44 (0)20 3108 8525 
Data and research strategy
Panayiota Kossifos (maternity leave until September 2018)
Senior Market Research Officer p.kossifos@ucl.ac.uk 
Ext. 58521
+44 (0)20 3108 8521

Qualitative and media market research


Markets: Cyprus, Greece


Have a look at our Studying at UCL YouTube channel for a range of videos for prospective and current students.

Video: UCL Summer School 2016