Communications & Marketing


Teams and contacts

We offer:

  • Insight into what our audiences think through our networks, surveys and events
  • Understanding of how to communicate, be it through tried and tested approaches or experimenting with innovative strategies and platforms
  • Expertise in the best way to deliver a message so that it has most impact and continues to build the UCL brand reputation
  • Scale to bring together isolated events and campaigns into a larger, more effective whole 
  •  Leadership to the whole communication and marketing professional community through CAM Plus but also in support of the faculty blue-printing work (TOPS – Transforming our Professional Services). 


Main ContactSamantha Fannings.fanning@ucl.ac.uk
General updates to web, map etcshared inboxdigitalcommunications@ucl.ac.uk
Degree programme content / online Prospectusesshared inboxcam.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk


Main Contact (Events & Graduation)Liz Carterelizabeth.carter@ucl.ac.uk
Graduate Open DaysPanayiota Penny Kossifosp.kossifos@ucl.ac.uk
UG Open DaysSandra Baerenss.baerens@ucl.ac.uk


Main ContactKris Ilick.ilic@ucl.ac.uk
CRMshared inboxcam.crm@ucl.ac.uk
Publications (including Prospectuses, and other physical print materials)Rachel Hobbsr.hobbs@ucl.ac.uk
TheWeek, Exchange and Staff Newsshared inboxinternalcommunications@ucl.ac.uk
myUCL and Student Newsshared inboxstudentcommunications@ucl.ac.uk

Media Relations

Main ContactKirsty Walkerkirsty.walker@ucl.ac.uk
International mediaDr Rebecca Caygillr.caygill@ucl.ac.uk
News room, student mediaHenry Killworthh.killworth@ucl.ac.uk

Strategic Planning

Main ContactAnna Corneliusa.cornelius@ucl.ac.uk
Market Research and InsightLydia Harwoodl.harwood@ucl.ac.uk
Use of UCL Brandshared inboxbrand.comms@ucl.ac.uk

Student Recruitment

Main ContactNeil Green
Katja Lamping
UCL schools liaison and UCAS eventsRaoul Morleyraoul.morley@ucl.ac.uk
UK and Europe recruitmentKatja Lampingk.lamping@ucl.ac.uk
Africa, Asia, Middle EastNeil Greenneil.green@ucl.ac.uk
Americas and AustralasiaMark Pickerillm.pickerill@ucl.ac.uk
Degree programme content / online Prospectusesshared inboxcam.marcommspublications@ucl.ac.uk