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Social media how-to

Contact brand.comms@ucl.ac.uk to order your icon

Branding and naming your UCL social media channels

Use UCL as a prefix in the name of the channel eg. UCL News, UCL History, UCL Art Museum.


Image specifications for the main social media channels:


Cover photo

This is the main image that usually spans the top of your channel.

Each social media platform has slightly different dimensions for their cover photos. Sometimes the main image is referred to differently: eg profile header, cover photo, and channel art.

Because the channel will be branded by your profile icon, you do not need to add the UCL banner or logo anywhere else. Just focus on engaging images and content.


Choose a photo or illustration that represents your area, is striking, high quality (so it does not pixelate), and will work responsively when viewed on various screen sizes. An otherwise fantastic image may not work well in this wide cropped format. Try a few out to see what looks best. You could ask others from outside your department their opinion on how you are coming across.

For most channels, the cover image will not display on mobiles.

Profile photo

UCL has official social media icons. Use these to reassure your audience they are following an official UCL channel.

To order yours, simply fill in this form. You will be asked what text you would like in the icon (usually the name of your department). Keep the title as short as possible, but try to avoid acronyms if possible e.g. use 'Chemical Engineering' instead of 'Chem Eng'. You will also be asked to select up to two colours from the UCL colour palette.

A full description of who you are should be added to the 'bio' in your profile.

Because the channel will be branded by your profile icon, you do not need to add the UCL banner or logo anywhere else, e.g. on your cover image or in your posts.

If you use multiple social media platforms, use the same icon for all your channels, so you are easily identifiable as the same source.

Using images on social media

If you are using a photo of people, make sure they have given permission for their photo to be used in this way.

Likewise, make sure you have copyright clearance to use any photo or illustration.

Exercise caution when using text on images in your posts. Make sure the text is very bold and easily read, and reinstate your message in the copy of your post for accessibility.

Further guidance on social media at UCL