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UCL filming and photography consent

Legal requirements

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prescribes that images and video recordings of individuals constitute personal data, and therefore fall within the GDPR; however, determining whether personal data is in images is not always clear-cut. 

Further guidance for UCL staff: 

Always obtain written consent 

Always ask persons being photographed or filmed to complete our UCL Filming and Photography Consent Form. Responses are sent to the Brand team.

Once you have notified the persons being photographed or filmed to complete the form, email the Brand team. We will then confirm whether they have sent their consent.  

When contacting us, please be sure to include in your email: 

  • Name of event 
  • Date of event 
  • Names of those you’re expecting to have completed the form. 

Under your responsibility

It is your responsibility, as organiser of a photoshoot or filming, to ensure you have consent from each person photographed.  

Who to notify about filming on campus 

When planning to film on campus, there are several areas that should be contacted. 

For partners and 3rd parties, please check Filming at UCL.

If you are a member of the UCL community, see our Who to notify checklist.  

Filming and taking photos at events or using UCL spaces 

If you wish to film or take photographs at public or private events, you must inform attendees in advance. You could include a statement on the invitation or event booking confirmation.  

You should also place privacy notices in a prominent place at the venue or in the UCL space, so people can opt-out if they wish. 

The QR code on the template is a link to the UCL Filming and Photography Consent Form