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Drupal CMS: Copyright

Learn about copyright for Drupal.

This guide is aimed at

  • Staff
  • PG Students

Before you start 

  • You need to be a Senior Editor, Editor or Author
  • When editing use Chrome, Firefox or Safari but NOT Internet Explorer


  • It is vital that you have copyright for any image you put up on a website
  • For example, if you buy an image through iStockphoto it's usually done with the understanding that it will be used only once unless it has been agreed it's for multi-use.
  • Images on the web may be very easy to download and reuse, but that does not mean it is lawful to do so.
  • Your name is associated with the image so you want to make sure the images are used correctly.

Here is some more information on image copyright from the brand guidelines:

Do not include an image on your website or in print unless you are sure you have permission to use it. Most images in print and on the internet are protected by copyright law and you must seek permissions from the copyright holder/rights owner (usually the photographer or an image library) before using them and credit as required.

If you are given an image by an individual to use on the UCL website, it’s your responsibility to check the provenance before using it.

If you have commissioned photographs, check the conditions of your license and do not circulate the images beyond UCL without contacting the copyright holder first (usually the photographer).

If you are using stock photography, check whether it is royalty-free or right managed

How to tell how often an image has been used on the website

  • Ensure you are in editing mode.
  • Click on Content in the top toolbar.
  • Click on the Files tab once you're on the Content page.
  • Next to each image you will see how often it has been used on the site.

Help and support

Contact Library Services Copyright Team for copyright queries: Copyright Team.

Contact Digital Presence for Drupal queries: Web-support Team.


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