UCL Brand


UCL brand pillars

Discover our 5 pillars underpinning UCL brand.

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Intellectual Powerhouse

UCL has a history of academic excellence and is consistently ranked among the world’s top universities, with many of our institutions leading their field. Renowned for world-class research, global influence, and impact across a broad range of subject areas – our reputation attracts and empowers the best and bravest of thinkers, creating a home for the thought leaders of today and tomorrow.

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Courageous Attitude

Built on a heritage of brave thinking, UCL has always done things differently. As the first English university to champion inclusivity, diversity, and open-mindedness – we have never been afraid to rethink the norms of education and research.
Driven by this unique mindset we continually strengthen our reputation for intellectual freedom, pushing boundaries and challenging convention.

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Powerful Community

UCL is a diverse global community of world-class academics, students, industry links, external partners, and alumni – enabling a unique ability to look at the world with a broader perspective. From our base in one of the world’s most progressive capital cities and through our international network, we have exclusive access to cutting-edge institutes at the forefront of their practice. Our powerful collective of individuals and institutions work together to explore new possibilities.

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Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching and Research

Our progressive and integrated approach to teaching and research has enabled us to enjoy a long history of academic strength. We champion innovation, creativity, and collaboration across our uniquely broad range of disciplines. We teach students how to think, not what to think, through hands-on, research-led learning. Our students are partners, collaborators, and contributors – supervised and informed by world-leading academic staff.

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Real-World Impact

UCL is purposeful and driven to advance knowledge and make a difference in society. Across our faculties and disciplines, we have research and initiatives benefiting every continent worldwide. Through transforming how the world is understood, our community endeavours to influence positive change and make a tangible impact on pressing global issues.