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Welcome to the UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences.

UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences was established on 1st August 2011 as part of the restructuring of the UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences. The new Faculty brought together our existing expertise in psychology, psychiatry, ophthalmology and vision, language sciences, audiology, deafness and hearing, neurology and related basic neuroscience.

Since then, the Faculty has gone from strength to strength; as Dean, I am very proud of all we have achieved. Find out more about our research achievementsour student life and the fantastic partnerships we have

Our work is based on our strong values: Excellence; Collegiate and Supportive; Radical and Visionary; Innovative and Entrepreneurial; Enthusiastic, Passionate and Committed; Collaborative and Interdisciplinary; and Transparent. Our work must benefit society (impact), be sustainable and adhere to ethical research practice and integrity.

Our vision for the future is to solve the greatest health and wellbeing problems in the brain sciences in order to transform society and reduce the global burden of disease. The Faculty will play its part to fulfil UCL’s commitment to transform how the world is understood, how knowledge is created and shared and the way that global problems are solved. Learn about the UCL 2034 strategy.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website and learning more about our outstanding Faculty. 

Professor Alan Thompson

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