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PVP London news

Professor Alan Thompson, Pro Vice Provost (London) provides his thoughts and updates on recent PVP London Office news and activity.

Issue 1: UCL striving to impact the lives of Londoners and beyond in COVID-19 crisis

London has a population of nearly 9 million people, with 270,000 of these people living within the London Borough of Camden alone, the home of UCL’s main Bloomsbury campus. Whilst UCL is also home to some 15,000 staff and 40,000 students, many of these staff and students have moved out of London during the current COVID-19 crisis, back to their home towns elsewhere in the UK and beyond. Unfortunately London has seen the biggest increase in cases of COVID-19 across the UK in recent days and, as would be expected, UCL is coming together as a community to play its part in.

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Issue 2: UCL transforming mental health and social wellbeing for all through Covid-19 epidemic

Covid-19 is effecting all of our lives in many ways and in this piece I focus on the ways in which UCL is impacting our mental health, not just within the UCL community but locally and nationally too. Whether you are working on the frontline as part of the NHS response to Covid-19, a key worker delivering food, working from home or home-schooling your children, the mental and social experiences we develop through this crisis will affect us all in different ways. 

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Issue 3: How UCL is helping London’s communities and people through the Covid-19 pandemic

In this month’s piece I want to focus on the impact UCL has had on London’s communities and people. We’ve been living with the challenges of Covid-19 for nearly 10 weeks and the changes we’ve had to make to our daily lives have started to become the ‘new normal’. Whilst experts at UCL have responded amazingly to national and global challenges, there are many local initiatives directed specifically at our communities here in Bloomsbury and around UCL East. 


Issue 4: How UCL is supporting London’s business and economy sector in wake of Covid-19 fallout

It’s hard to believe that we have been living with the Covid-19 pandemic in London for over three months. In previous issues I have talked about the impact of the crisis on Londoners, communities and our mental health during lockdown. In this issue I want to focus on London’s economy and business sector and how UCL is responding to changes. Research from UCL has shown that the duration of lockdown matters more to economies than their severity because shorter lockdowns cause less disruption to regional and global supply chains. As lockdown rules are relaxed, UCL is contributing to renewing the London economy.

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Issue 5: Advocating for UCL’s impact in London whilst adapting to new ways of working

A key part of my role as Pro Vice Provost (London) is to engage with our local communities, policy makers, local government and other partners in London. Whilst this has certainly been challenging, in particular as we develop a new London Framework for UCL in London, I have been very encouraged by the continued level of impact and support UCL has provided for London’s communities and beyond in such a time of crisis through research, community engagement and enterprise activities.