Brain Sciences


Our Institutes and Divisions

Within the Faculty of Brain Sciences, our Institutes and Divisions are centres of excellence for our wide ranging research expertise across areas including psychology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, hearing and neuroscience.
Division of Psychiatry

Division of Psychiatry

The Division of Psychiatry is an interdisciplinary centre for research and teaching on mental health and illness.


Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

The Division of Psychology and Language Sciences focuses on mind, behaviour and language.

Ear Institute

Ear Institute

The Ear Institute brings together academics and clinicians to understand hearing and fight deafness.


Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

The Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience focuses on research into the human mind and brain. 


Queen Square Institute of Neurology

The Queen Square Institute of Neurology aims to prevent, treat and cure devastating neurological diseases.

Institute of Ophthalmology

Institute of Ophthalmology

The Institute of Ophthalmology aims to generate better therapies, diagnostics and knowledge of eye care.

Prion Unit

Institute of Prion Diseases (MRC Prion Unit at UCL)

The Institute of Prion Diseases is one of the world’s leading research centres for the study of prion diseases.

Dementia Research Centre

UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL

The UK DRI operates across seven research centres to lead the UK’s efforts in dementia research.


UCL Institute of Mental Health

The Institute of Mental Health brings together UCL's interdisciplinary strengths across mental health.