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Our Working Environment

Generating a creative working environment, and a solution to global issues, depends on the inclusion and promotion of a diversity of voices, experiences and cultures.

The Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research (CBER) was established in 2013 as the latest expression of UCL's commitment to understanding the environment, both for its own sake and in terms of its connection to human health, happiness and social justice.

Such understanding is central to two domains within the UCL Grand Challenges research strategy: Environment and Food, Metabolism, and Society. Valuing biodiversity and quantifying and slowing its current rate of loss, as well as identifying dangerous levels of environmental change, is also central to the UN Strategic Development Goals.

Our centre in the Medawar Building provides shared office and laboratory space. This open-plan space was designed to support and actively encourage collaborative and cooperative working, and to facilitate discussion and interactions. The vibrant and collaborative atmosphere that this creates is central both for a creative academic life as well as the continuing growth, international relevance, and inter-disciplinarity of CBER. 

We are committed to cultivating a diverse, welcoming and creative working environment at CBER. We are acutely aware that addressing the ecologicaland climate emergency, and effective global govenance depends on the inclusion and promotion of a diversity of voices, experiences and cultures.

We value everyone’s opinions regardless of background and career stage. We also recognise that a long-term, fulfilling and productive career for everyone can only be achieved through a healthy work-life balance, and by treating each other with kindness and respect at all times.

Green Champions

Green Impact is a staff- and student-led program to support environmentally and socially sustainable practice in UCL. Sustainable UCL hosted its eighth annual Sustainability Awards Ceremony in 2020, celebrating the inspiring work of staff and students undertaking teaching, research, and projects to create a sustainable future. Many departments from all over UCL took part in the initiative led by UCL’s Sustainability Team, highlighting the impact for a greener campus and a more sustainable university. 

Thanks to the encouragement of green habits and sustainable attitudes within CBER by our Green Champions Abbie Chapman, Vivienne Groner, and former CBER member Chris Langridge, the Centre was awarded Silver with its first ever Green Impact Sustainability Award.  

In addition to the Green Impact Sustainability Awards, UCL honours individuals and projects for outstanding commitment to sustainability. We are proud that CBER had nominations in two categories:  Chris Langridge was nominated for the ‘Staff Award for outstanding Sustainability’ and the SHEFS team was nominated for the ‘Sustainability Research Award’.

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