UCL Division of Biosciences


Annual Leave and Sickness

Please inform your line manager of your annual leave and any sickness you may have.  

UCl may from time to time be audited by the UK Border Agency.  It is important therefore that overseas staff who have Leave to Remain status advise their line manager when they are off sick or off on annual leave.  

Sickness Absence

Sickness absence reporting procedure and the sickness absence policy
Individuals are responsible for ensuring that they follow the correct certification procedures.

For absences of between 1 and 7 consecutive calendar days a Sickness Absence Record Form must be completed and signed by the member of staff upon return to work.

If the absence is likely to exceed 7 calendar days (including non-working days), the employee must obtain a Statement of Fitness for Work (Fit Note) from a GP to claim statutory sick pay for absences exceeding 7 calendar days. The original must be forwarded to his/her manager as soon as possible. If the absence continues, further fit notes must be provided for the whole period of absence for the purpose of statutory sick pay. Any period of absence not covered by a fit note will not be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay and UCL reserves the right to withhold Occupational Sick Pay.

Download Sickness Absence Form. Return completed form to the Biosciences Staffing Office, Medical Sciences Building Room 1M01, who will record the absence on My View.

Full details of UCL’s Sickness Absence Procedure