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Please ensure that your e-mails have full and comprehensive details of your I.T issue. As a guide we recommend including Room Number, Building, Lab (if applicable) and a few sentences detailing the precise nature of the problem. This will allow us to assign the correct member of staff and ensure prompt service. Please also include the nature of the problem in the e-mail subject header

Staff are advised wealth of information available on the ISD website on how to use various systems and install software. The Biosciences IT Support site will complement ISD's own efforts with Division-specific information, and together these will help you work effectively.

Emails sent to this address are automatically logged in our issue tracking system.

If you need to escalate an issue then please contact Ant O'Neill directly.

What we do

  • We install and configure computers with one of our standard operating systems, and ensure they work on the network.
  • We support the general operation of your computer, including common software packages.
  • We provide computer hardware support, but this is limited by the nature of the individual equipment in question. When we can't help you we give advice on who to contact.
  • We configure printers to work on the network.
  • We assist with computer purchasing, from consulting with users to establish the requirements, through to obtaining competitive quotes with UCL suppliers.
  • We provide data storage services through a number of alternatives.
  • We provide High Performance Computing services, again through a number of alternatives.
  • We support research computing.
  • We work with ISD on ensuring the network is fit for purpose, including arranging for upgrades and new works.
  • We support computers attached to lab equipment, with the assistance of the equipment provider.
  • We will attempt to remove malware or viruses from your computer where necessary.

What we don't do (and how this isn't a problem)

  • We don't support the live@ucl email service. ISD has documentation available on this, and supports it through the ​Service Desk.
  • We do not offer software training services. ISD has a range of ​courses and ​documentation available.
  • We do not install each and every software package available. ISD's ​Software Database has a very wide range of software packages available for download with normally very good installation instructions. You should use this in the first instance, and contact us if there are issues.
  • We don't support UCL's wireless systems. ISD ​supports these and provides documentation electronically (​EduRoam / ​UCLGuest) and in print form (in the DMS Watson Library).
  • We don't look after your printer consumables. These can be ordered through your local Finance team, or directly with the supplier if you use FIS.
  • We don't provide support for audio-visual systems in lecture theatres and seminar rooms. These are mostly provided and supported through the ​ISD Audio Visual team. Where they don't directly support the equipment we act as intermediaries to get this team involved.
  • We don't provide support for ISD ​teaching clusters. ISD supports these through the ​Service Desk.
  • We don't offer a data recovery service. Instead we will direct you to one of the companies used by the College for this sort of service. While these aren't cheap, they will do the job you need.