Bentham Project


2014 Archive

  • ISUS XIII: Members of the Bentham Project attended the 13th conference of the International Society for Utilitarian Studies at Yokohama National University in Japan. The programme is still available to download. Presentations were also given at the Universities of Tokyo, Chuo and Hitotsubashi.
  • Kyoto Seminar on Bentham's Legal Thought: a seminar featuring Professor David Lieberman (U.C. Berkeley), Professor Xiaobo Zhai (Zhengzhou/UCL) and Professor Michael Lobban (LSE) took place on 18 August at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. More information.
  • Jeremy Bentham and the Escaped Convicts, an exhibition at UCL, was installed  in the South Cloisters near the Auto-Icon. Dr Tim Causer wrote about the exhibition at the Transcribe Bentham blog.
  • Dr Tim Causer delivered a talk entitled 'Jeremy Bentham and the Ones that Got Away' at the UCL Festival of the Arts on Thursday 29 May at 1pm in the Wilkins Haldane Room. More details.
  • New work on Bentham's legal philosophy: The Legal Philosophy and Influence of Jeremy Bentham: Essays on Of the Limits of the Penal Branch of Jurisprudence, edited by Guillaume Tusseau, was published by Routledge. The volume contains an essay by Professor Philip Schofield of the Bentham Project.
  • Two competitions featuring Bentham manuscripts were announced for the forthcoming International Conference on Frontiers in Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR-2014): the Handwritten Text Recognition on a tranScriptorium Dataset (HTRtS) competition and the Handwritten Keyword Spotting competition (H-KWS). Visit the conference website.
  • The first meeting of La déontologie publique : trajectoire et présence d'une notion ambiguë, a symposium organised by the Centre Bentham (École de Droit de Sciences Po) was held on 14 May 2014 in Paris. Visit the symposium website or download the invitation and agenda.
  • A new post examining Bentham's arguments for Jesus' homosexuality as part of his theological defense for same-sex love in Not Paul, but Jesus Vol. III was published at the Jesus in Love blog.
  • The British Library joined the Transcribe Bentham initiative, making its collection of Bentham papers available online for the first time. Dr Kris Grint wrote about the BL's collection, which includes thousands of Bentham family letters, for the Untold Lives blog.
  • Of Sexual Irregularities, and Other Writings on Sexual Morality, the latest volume in the Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham, has been published by Oxford University Press. A preliminary version of a closely-related work, Not Paul, but Jesus Vol. III, is available to download as a free open-access text. Professor Philip Schofield wrote about the new volume for the OUP blog. Dr Michael Quinn wrote on the modern-day relevance of Bentham's writings on sexual morality to Uganda's recent homophobic bill in a piece for The Conversation.
  • A new book by Dr Jeremy Davies, Bodily Pain in Romantic Literature, examines why Bentham wrote in defence of torture.
  • Emeritus Professor Philip Steadman of UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture, has published a book examining the histories of a number of common building types, including houses, hospitals, factories, and prisons. The book contains information on Bentham's panopticon prison scheme. Download the flyer.
  • New Italian work on Bentham: Paola Rudan's latest book, L'inventore della costituzione. Jeremy Bentham e il governo della società has been published by Il Mulino.
  • 2014 Bentham Seminars All seminars were recorded for the Bentham Seminar Podcast.

    • 22 January 2014: Professor David Lieberman (University of California, Berkeley), Bentham and the Conventions of English Radicalism
    • 12 March 2014: Professor G.J. Postema (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Bentham's 'Revisionist' Positivism
    • 19 March 2014: Dr Kris Grint (Bentham Project, UCL), 'A monopoly of spiritual domination': Bentham, secularism and James Mill's political thought
    • 26 March 2014: Professor Xiaobo Zhai (Bentham Project, UCL/Zhengzhou University), Bentham's Exposition of Common Law
    • 2 July 2014: Professor Doug Long (Western University), "Universal Jurisprudence" and "Critical Jurisprudence" in Bentham's Preparatory Principles Inserenda