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International Society for Utilitarian Studies

The International Society for Utilitarian Studies reflects the world-wide interest in the Bentham Project, the expansion of Bentham studies, and the growing interest in utilitarianism. The aims of this body are to further the work of the Bentham Project in making available all of Bentham's writings in modern scholarly editions; to organize seminars and conferences on topics relevant to lawyers, philosophers, political scientists and historians; to provide a forum for debate and research on utilitarianism and its present-day relevance in the fields of legal, political and social reform.

The Society aims to draw its membership from as wide a field as possible and thus stimulate a useful exchange of ideas on historical and contemporary issues. Membership is free and members are entitled to the following benefits:

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The Utilitarian flag, designed by Johan E. Gustafsson

Contact details:

All correspondence with the Society should be addressed to: Professor Philip Schofield, Honorary Secretary, International Society for Utilitarian Studies, c\o The Bentham Project, Faculty of Laws, University College London, Bidborough House, 38-50 Bidborough Street, London, WC1H 9BT.

Tel: 020 3108 8395
Email: p.schofield@ucl.ac.uk