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Transcribe Bentham is a double award-winning collaborative transcription initiative, which affords a unique opportunity to join a community of volunteers in exploring and transcribing Bentham's unpublished manuscripts.

Contributors to Transcribe Bentham support cutting-edge scholarship, as transcripts produced will form the basis of future volumes of the Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham.

Bentham Manuscripts Digital Collection

The vast collection of Bentham manuscripts held by UCL Library's Special Collections are of outstanding international historical and philosophical importance.

Digital versions of some of these manuscripts - including high-resolution images as well as transcripts - are hosted at a dedicated, open-access online repository. New material is being constantly added.

Bentham Papers Database

The Bentham Papers database, compiled by Dr Deborah McVea and supported by a grant from the AHRC, provides the most comprehensive online finding tool for Bentham manuscripts. UCL's entire collection can be searched by heading, date, category, title or even penner.

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