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Bentham Seminars on YouTube

Escape from Australia: A Convict's Tale

  • Featuring Dr Tim Causer
  • Produced and Directed by Robert Eagle for UCL News

Transcribe Bentham

  • Presented by Dr Valerie Wallace and featuring Professor Philip Schofield, Dr Michael Quinn, and Dr Tim Causer
    • Produced for the UCL Bentham Project
    • Filmed and directed by Matt Aucott

Jeremy Bentham: Man and Myth

  • Featuring Professor Philip Schofield, Director of the Bentham Project
    • Produced for the UCL Bentham Project
    • Filmed and directed by Matt Aucott

Mini-lecture: Bentham's Corpse and Corpus

  • Professor Philip Schofield explains and explodes some of the myths surrounding Jeremy Bentham, whose corpse resides in UCL's South Cloisters, and explores the jurist, philosopher and legal and social reformer's remarkable life and work.

Prix Ars Electronica: Digital Communities Winners' Forum

  • Dr Tim Causer introduces Transcribe Bentham, which received an Award of Distinction in the Digital Communities category of the 2011 Prix Ars Electronica, the world's foremost digital arts competition.

Adventures in Public Engagement

  • In May 2011, the Bentham Project held three public engagement events in London (including a guided walk) to highlight its work, and engage the public with Bentham's life and work.
    • Produced for the UCL Bentham Project
    • Narrator: Mackenzie Thorpe
    • Camera: Matt Aucott and Phil Mason
    • Sound: Desmond V. Walker
    • Produced and directed by Matt Aucott

UCL Institute for Global Health Symposium

  • The UCL Institute for Global Health's (IGH) 15th symposium was entitled 'The Pleasures of the Bed: Jeremy Bentham on Sex, Population & Happiness'.


  • Transcribe Bentham on Spectrum, Deutsche-Welle World

    • Professor Philip Schofield, Dr Valerie Wallace, and Dr Tim Causer talk about Transcribe Bentham for Spectrum on February 1st 2011.
    • Listen to the interview.

  • BBC Radio play about Bentham

    • New recording of a programme first broadcast on Sunday 4th April 1937.
    • Written by Norah Richardson and produced by Catherine Fuller.
    • Set during Bentham's time at Forde Abbey.
    • Download the recording (53 minutes).

  • Jeremy Bentham on the Philosophy Bites podcast

  • BBC Radio 4 feature on Transcribe Bentham and the Pantopticon Pie

    • Dr Tim Causer, Professor Melissa Terras, and Dr Michael Quinn discuss Bentham's ideas and the work of Transcribe Bentham.
    • Chef Fergus Henderson of St John Smithfield cooks a pie from one of Bentham's Panopticon recipes.
    • Listen to a recording of the feature.