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Rachel Perowne


Rachel Perowne head & Shoulder black and white picture

PhD Student


Optimising the involvement of young people in mental health research

Primary and secondary supervisors 


This PhD is funded through a UCL Demonstratorship


Young people’s mental health is a growing concern in the UK but young people do not experience mental health issues in the same way, for example lower household income is associated with worse adolescent mental health. In order to best support young people, services and treatments need to be designed to meet the needs of young people of all backgrounds and identities. Involving a diverse range of young people in a meaningful way in all stages of mental health research can help achieve this. This PhD will take a behaviour change approach to understanding the barriers and enablers to involvement for young people of different identities and identifying behaviour change strategies and techniques to optimise involvement. 



In 2019 Rachel returned to the world of academia (having originally studied chemistry many years ago) to study part-time for an MSc in Behaviour Change at the Centre for Behaviour Change, UCL, whilst working for a charity. She loved this so much that decided to have a complete career change and in 2022, Rachel started a full-time PhD within the Centre for Behaviour Change.