Centre for Behaviour Change


Characterising the behaviours involved in type 1 diabetes self-management

24 November 2021

Dr Stephanie Stanton-Fay was a part of The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes' latest webinar, talking about the work that has been done at UCL to characterise the behaviours involved in diabetes self-management.


Dr Stephanie Stanton-Fay (Research Associate, University College London, UK) presented on characterising the behaviours involved in type 1 diabetes self-management. Stephanie shared insights from the UK NIHR-funded DAFNEplus study. The session was chaired by Prof Jane Speight (ACBRD) with a Q&A following the presentation.

Special thanks to Professor Susan Michie, Dr Paul Chadwick, and Dr Fabiana Lorencatto for their contributions to this piece of work.

Watch webinar here