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We plan to retire our Network webpage and move over to LinkedIn to facilitate engagement among members. In case you have not had a chance to do so, you can join the LinkedIn group in the tab below.

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Grace Abel 
Advisor - Productivity, Local Government Association

Lynn Aben 
Environmental Psychologist, University of Groningen 

Amalie Akero Hylland 
Psychology student and master in behaviour modification 

Ivy Akuoko 
Assistant Research Fellow, University of Cape Coast 

Francesco Aletta @f_aletta 
Research Associate, UCL 
soundscape, environmental acoustics, noise annoyance 

Navidreza Alizadeh Bazrafshan
Researcher, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad 
Behaviour change, nudge, policy making, smart city 

Jamie Anderson 
Buro Happold/UoM 

Bani Anvari @BaniAnvari
Lecturer in Intelligent Mobility, UCL 

Albert Banunle @Abanunle 
Postgraduate Student conducting research on determinants of pro-environmental behaviour of urban youth, University of Aberdeeen 
Science, Nature, Society and Environmental Governance 

Harriet Baird 
Research Associate, University of Sheffield

Jessica Barker 
Behavioural science & sustainability consultant, The Behavioural Insights Team

Dafydd Belshaw 
QESust Manager, Bachy Soletanche 

Jemma Bere @JemmaBere @KWT_Policy
Policy & Research Manager, Keep Wales Tidy 

Paquito Bernard

Nuraini Binti Daud
PhD Student, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London 
Design for Behaviour Change, Design to stop littering, Post Consumption Behaviour

Federica Bonetti @cooliomind 
Cognitive behavioural therapist, Cooliomind 
Slow your brain down 

Hannah Bowden @hkucukali 
Programme Director/PhD Candidate, BetterPoints Ltd/UCL Behavioural Science and Health/Health Informatics 
Behaviour Change, Sustainable and Active Travel 

Brid Bourke @BridBBA 

Joseph Bramall 
Service Design, Futuregov 

Izzy Brennan @brennan_izzy
MSc Behaviour Change, UCL

Beth Brockett
Social scientist, Natural England 

Lucinda Brook @lucindabrook 
Principal Consultant, Resource Futures 
Circular Economy, Behaviour Change, Resource Efficiency, Sustainable Development 

Elliot Brown @neuroecb
Researcher, Charité Berlin
Neuroscience, psychiatry, mental health

Philipe Bujold @philipe_bujold 
Behavioral Scientist, Rare 

Trudie Burge @trudieburge 

Evie Calder @EvieCalder
Research & Public Policy Comms, OVPR, co-founder Atlas & Ortus, UCL

Hayley Carmichael @CareWithoutCO2 
Communications Manager Care Without Carbon, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust 
NHS, Environment, Sustainability 

Richard Carmichael @DrRCarmichael 
Research Associate (Co-leader, 'Behaviour change in Energy and Environment Policy' (BEEP) Research Network), Imperial College London 
Net Zero, behaviour change, public engagement, barriers, policy, digital tools 

Nick Ceasar @nceasar
Head of Coaching Faculty, NatWest 

Alessandro Cini @CiniAles
Research Fellow, Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research, University College London 
social behaviour, wasps, alien invasive species, ecosystem services, agriculture, animal behaviour 

Emma Claydon 
Principal Social Researcher, BEIS  

Jessica Clifton
Student, UCL

Andrea Coimbra @talking_green
Talking Green UK 

Chloe Constable 
Clinical Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist, Researcher, Gloucestershire Health and Care Foundation Trust 

Charlotte Constance @conductorlondon 
Founder of Conductor - management consultancy in the Built Environment 
science and soul to spaces and places, thriving societies, insights, research, participation 

Nick Cowern @NickCowern
Emeritus prof physics, interest in climate action
Near-term climate change 

Deborah David @DJDInTouch 
Registered Dietitian - community nutrition, Freelance consultant 
Nutrition health community food policy 

Emma Davies @I_am_emma
Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University
Theory, behaviour change, prototype willingness model

Sarah Deakin
Student, King's College London

Emiel de Lange @emiel_delange 
PhD, University of Edinburgh 
conservation social networks 

Habiba Diab 
Postgraduate Student, UCL 
Behaviour Change 

Lynn Dicks @LynnDicks
Lecturer in ecology, UEA/Uni of Cambridge 
Pollinators, biodiversity, wildlife, conservation, ecosystems

Francine Dieckmann 
Community change officer, Human Wildlife Solutions 

Janet Diffin @janetdiffin 
Analyst, Utility Regulator Northern Ireland 

Tom Dolan @itfctom
UKCRIC Senior Research Associate, UCL
Infrastructure, Resilience, Emergence, systems, Sustainable, Green Infrastructure

Shane Donnellan
Senior Behaviour Change Specialist, Changeworks 
Charity, Pratitioner, Scotland, Engagement 

Fred Dorsimont @freddorsimont
Behaviour Change Director, Behaven

Chenyang Dou @LevanaDou 
MSc landscape and wellbeing, University of Edinburgh 

Juliet Earp 
Comms and change, BP 

Charlotte Eddisford 
Community Impact Lead, Resource Futures

Jorge Encantado 
Researcher, ISPA 

Gareth Enticott @GarethEnticott    
Researcher, Cardiff University

Troy Fielder 
Environmental Sciences student 

Ali Fisher @PlansWPurpose  
Sustainable Marketing, Plans With Purpose Ltd

Becky Fisher @Mrs_BeeFisher 
Senior Engagement Manager, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust 

Mariia Fronoshchuk 
Co-founder, Platfor.ma Creative Lab 
creativity communication for change

Mariana Lares Michel @MarianaLaresM
Masters Student in Behavioural Science with Food and Nutrition orientation, University of Guadalajara, Mexico 
Eating Behaviour, Nutrition, Environmental Impact of Diets, Feeding Behaviour Change 

Natalia Le Gal 
Msc Behaviour Change, UCL 

Chakkrit Luangcharoenrat 
Architect, Gensler 

Sarah Lynn Flecke 
MSc Cognitive & Decision Sciences, UCL

William Folan-Conray 
Research Director, 7th Sense Research UK Limited

Chiara Gericke
MSc Psychology, UCL; Behavioural Science Management Consultancy, BVA Nudge Unit; Behavioural Analyst, UNA-YP 

Angela Gomez 
Postgradute student, UCL 
Sustainability, consumption, resources

Jean-Damien Grassias 
Social psychologist, Syndicat-Émeraude 
Behavioral insight - environnement 

Catherine Graves @cat_graves 
PhD Student, University of Leeds 
pro-environmental behaviour; psychological barriers; virtual reality 

Ashley Gray @ashleyryangray
Learning Partnerships Manager,  Loughborough University London
Collaboration, Innovation, Deep Health Creation

Vivienne Groner
Postdoc, University College London
Biodiversity, sustainable and healthy food systems

Ana Guinote 
Professor of Social Cognition, University College London 
social cognition, motivation 

Jo Hale @DrJoHale
Senior Research Associate, UCL Centre for Behaviour Change
Behaviour change, environmental behaviour, cities, sustainability, systems thinking

Kirsi Halttu
Doctoral candidate / behavior design, University of Oulu 

Sarah Hargreaves @SarahHargr
Senior Consultant - Behaviour Change, Resource Futures

Annie Haswell 
Behavioural Science MSc, Durham University 

Becky Haydock @beckyhaydock 
Community development worker, Sovereign housing 

Lucy Hayes @lucyhayes100
Behavioural Scientist, Financial Conduct Authority

Daniel Hazley @DanielHazley 
Junior Manager in Food and Health Science, European Food Information Council 

Stacey Heath @DrStaceyHeath 
Research fellow, University of Exeter 
Inter and Intra-Group behaviour, Social Identity, Community Change, Climate Adaptation, Health & Well-Being 

Clare Henry @ClareHenry76

Public Health, Doncaster Council

Jackie Hoare @jackie_hoare 
Strategic Behavioural Insights Team, Defra 

Aimie Hope
Post doc, UEA 

Jonathan Hook @jonathanhook
Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media, jonhook.co.uk
Personalised, data-driven and interactive media in support of sustainable behaviour 

Zoe Horlacher      

Ed Houghton @edhoughton1 
DG Cities Ltd

Sarah Howden @gbminds
Consultant, Good Business 

Simon Hoyte @SimonHoyt
PhD Anthropology, UCL
Indigenous, Africa, Conservation, Technology

Gemma Hurst @gemma_hurst 
Senior Lecturer, Staffordshire University 

Luci Isaacson @ClimateVisionUK
Climate & Behavioural Change Project Manager, Climate Vision 
cut emissions get resilient 

Gizem Izmir Tunahan @TunahanIzmir
PhD Student, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL
Cultural background, Daylight perception, Cognitive performance, Human behaviour, Seat preference

Sam Jenner 
MSc Sustainability & Behavioural Change, CAT 

Angelica Johansson @ThinkAnge 
PhD Student, UCL Political Science Deptartment 
Climate Change Loss and Damage; Evidence-based policy, Ethnography 

Bethan Jones @ResourcefulBeth
Head of Behaviour Change, Resource Futures

Hüseyin Küçükali @hkucukali 
Researcher, Istanbul Medipol University 
Public Health 

Yuri Kato
Student, Behaviour Change MSc (working for the Ministry of the Environment, Japan)  

Francesca Kilpatrick @ecofrancesca 
PhD Candidate, University of Brighton 
climate, security, communication  

Cynthia Ko @cynthiako
PG Diploma Behaviour Change / MSc Design for Interaction, UCL / Delft University of Technology
System transformation, Design innovation, Pro-Environmental Behaviour change

Laura König @lauramkoenig 
Junior Professor, University of Bayreuth 
digital health, nutrition, behaviour change 

Marian Krüger  
MSc Candidate Psychology of Economic Life & Co-Founder of Cleantech Startup, LSE / ucair    
Sustainability, Startup, Energy, Innovation

Hannah Ladd-Jones @h_laddjones
Behaviour Change for the Ocean – Project Assistant, MASTS Scotland and University of St Andrews,
Project Manager and Engagement Co-ordinator, MASTS Scotland and University of St Andrews

Chris Leakey 
Behaviour Change for the Ocean - Initiative Coordinator, MASTS and University of St Andrews 

Johannes Lohse 
Associate Professor in Behavioural and Environmental Economics, University of Birmingham 

Fabiana Lorencatto
Research Lead, UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

Andy Louden 
Design Manager, RSE 

Nia Luxton @NiaALuxton 
Lecturer in Physiotherapy, ACU 

Isobel Madle @isobelmadle 
Research Manager, Ketchum 
Consumer behaviour, sustainability, research specialist, communications strategist 

Gabriele Manoli
Lecturer in Environmental Engineering, UCL
Ecohydrology, Cities, Modelling

Sarah Marshall 
Project lead, Planet Aware 

Jane-May Martin 
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Goldsmiths, University of London 

Natalie Masento @NatalieMasento
Research Fellow, University of Reading
behaviour change, food waste, digital interventions, gamification

Anna Mavrogianni @AnnaMvrg
Associate Professor in Sustainable Building and Urban Design, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, The Bartlett
climate change, built environment, health, comfort, heat, overheating, ageing, homes, care homes, schools

Katie Mcilhagga 
Behavioural Management Advisor & Coach, Costain 
Anthropology, Behavioural Science 

Marijn Meijers @MHCMeijers 
Assistant Professor, ASCoR, University of Amsterdam 
Environmental communication; Environmental Behaviour Change; Spill-Over; Pro-environmental consumerism 

Nafsika Michail @nafsika_michail 
PhD researcher, Northumbria University
active school travel, children's attitudes, behaviour change, street design, physical activity 

Richard Millington    
Media Production, Freelance   

James Milne @jmilne_
Architecture / Urban Design / Environmental Psychology, GT3 Architects 
Built Environment, Behaviour Change, Surroundings

Clive Mitchell 
Resources and priorities for people and nature, Scottish Natural Heritage 
climate, nature, people 

Ali Moore @lwarb 
Head of communications and behaviour change, London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) 
recycling, waste, sustainable fashion, food, behaviour change 

Anna Moore @annamoore83 
Education fellow, Barts Health
Planetary health, social determinants, greenspace and health 

Lisa Moussaoui 
Researcher and lecturer at Geneva University, and freelance consultant in behaviour change

Marie Mueller @marie_ahoi
PhD student, UCL
psychology, physical environment, green space, mental health, well-being, young people

Han Nguyen 
Freelance researcher

Kristian Steensen Nielsen @kristiansn89
Research associate, University of Cambridge

Dallas O'Dell 
PhD student, Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, London School of Economics 

Hulita Ofa 

Jeremy Oliver @drjjoliver
Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL Centre for Behaviour Change 

Rose ONeill @roseonei11
Principal Specialist, Natural England

Gozde Ozakinci @gozde786 
Senior lecturer in health psychology, University of St Andrews 

Jali Packer    
MSc Behaviour Change, UCL

Harry Pardoe 
Founder of climate charity working on sustainable behaviour, Snowball 

Valeria Pensabene @NW3GSR   
Director, Green School Runs

Lara Pohl 
MSc Psychology of Economic Life, London School of Economics

Dougie Pollok 
Youth, education, co-production, nature based solutions

David Powell @powellds 
Freelancer, Climate Psychology & Comms 
Climate change, engagement, psychology 

Laura Pozzi 
Environmental Geoscience student, UCL 

Anita Quigley 
Chair, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust 

Freya Eloise Roberts @FreyaERoberts
Project Manager at UCL Climate Action Unit 

Ramya Rao 
Behavioural Neuroscience Student (MSc), University of Groningen 

Hitesh Rathi 
M.Sc. Environmental Psychology, University of Surrey 
stress, mindfulness, architecture, behaviour change 

Katie Robinson    
Sustainability Engagement, UCL

Mike Robinson    
Medical practitioner / public health consultant

Emeline Rougeaux 
PhD student , UCL GOS Institute of Child Health 

Alice Russell 
Undergraduate Researcher, Carnegie Mellon University
Neuroarchitecture, fractal art and architecture 

Raj Sahoo @sahoo_raj1 
PhD, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
Sustainable Consumption, Plastic Waste, Regulation and Governance, Cities in Global South

Vasundhara Saravade @vasu8694
PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo 
sustainable finance, behaviour change, green bonds 

Anne Sayer @ChangeSquared
Director of environmental social enterprise, Planet Aware

Daniel Scharf 
Chartered Planner and blogger, PfT Planning
Climate Emergency Centres, housing, bioregioning, forest gardening and transport 

James Scott @jamescycle
Director of Behaviour Change & Development, Cycling UK
cycling, built environment

Serban Scrieciu    
Senior Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering   
economics, climate change mitigation, sustainability, social justice, complexity, systems thinking, pluralism in economics, energy-environment-economy modelling

Elena Sessig 
Vice-Chairperson, Network for Psychology and Environment, Austria 

Gina Sharma        

Ksenia Shagabutdinova 
Behavioural Insights Specialist, Defra 

Benjamin Daabor Sibit
Level 200, UDS 

Artemis Skarlatidou @sartemis_ 
Researcher, UCL 
citizen science, trust, GIS, risk communication 

Seth Singh Jennings    
Student MSc Behaviour Change

Zoe Smith    
MSc Student, UCL         

Kezia Stewart @missbehavioural
Msc Behaviour Change Student, UCL
active travel, cycling, walking, digital, behaviour, behaviour change, sustainable behaviour

Teodora-Georgiana Strugariu 
Year 1 Architecture Student, UCL, The Bartlett School of Architecture

Gabriella Stuart 
Behavioural strategist, PBM Sweden

Adrian Stymne 
MSc Behaviour Change, UCL
Education, Policy, Psychology, Behaviour Change, Researcher 

Rupert Suckling @rupertsuckling 
Director Public Health, Doncaster council 

Seirian Sumner @waspwoman
Reader in Behavioural Ecology, UCL
Social behaviour (non-human); sociality; behavioural ecology; citizen science

Mei Yee Tang    
Research Associate, Newcastle University

Andrea Tamas 
Behavior Change Expert, Ranas Ltd. 
Health behavior change, Environmental behavior change

Catriona Tassell 
PhD Researcher, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London 
Sustainable consumer behaviour; Behaviour change; Circular economy 

Amelia Thornton    
Psychology student, Bristol university
Sustainability, Health behaviours, Dietary Change

Anna Tirion @annatirion  
Psychology student and research assistant, University of Bath
Social psychology, norms, behaviour change 

Fernanda Trevisan       
MSc student, UCL

Ella Tuominen    
Postgraduate Student, MSc Social Cognition, UCL
Behaviour Change, Sustainability, Neuroscience, Mental Health

Catalina Turcu @CatalinaTurcu
Associate Professor, UCL
Cities, sustainability, health, energy, indicators, housing, governance, planning

Andrea Veggerby Lind 
PhD fellow, University of Copenhagen
Climate psychology, Political identity, climate attitudes 

Iain Walker 
Director, Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change, University of Melbourne 
behaviour change; social change; sustainability; climate change; environment and health 

Jamie Ward @drJamieW 
Lecturer, Goldsmiths University of London 
wearable computers, theatre, social neuroscience 

Laura Warner @Laura_A_Warner 
Associate professor, University of Florida 

Carla Washbourne @CarlaWashbourne
Lecturer in Environmental Science and Policy, UCL
Environment, Policy, Urban, Science Advice

Chloe Wenman @cgwenman 
Marine Area Statement Advisor, Natural Resources Wales 

Denise Westerhout 
Specialist in sustainable consumption and supply chains, WWF International 
Behaviour Change, sustainability, supply chain 

Steve Westlake @steviedubyu 
PhD Student, Cardiff University 
Climate leadership, leading by example, social influence, social norms 

Jessica Williams @jjwilliams924
PhD student, University College London 

Cheryl Willis 
Social Science, Natural England  

Saul Wodak
Associate Advisor at the Behavioural Insights Team in Sydney

Jonathan Woolley 
Senior Social Scientist, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 
Government, Policy, Defra, UK, Agriculture, Land Management, Conservation, Farming, Skills 

Tristram Wyatt @TristramWyatt @pheromonesEvo
Visiting Lecturer, CBER, UCL
Reproducibility, human behaviour, pheromones, animal behaviour

Eleanor Yang 
PhD, Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, University College London
climate change economics, social cost of carbon 

Jieyi Yang @joaweyang 
MSc digital anthropology, UCL 

Jane Yardley
Researcher, Chester University                

Paul Youlten @climate101net
Marketing, Climate 101  
climate curriculum

Soungmin Yu 
Architect / senior teaching fellow, UCL 
Spatial behaviour, agent based social simulation, architectural layout optimisation, workplace design, social performance driven design 

Egle Zeime
Business Psychologist, The Chemistry Group

Astrid Zweynert @azweynert 
Journalist and photographer 
Urban studies, climate change, photography, visual sociology 


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