The Bartlett


Applying to The Bartlett Promise Scholarship

by Nora Seferi

My Experience

I’m a student at The Bartlett School of Architecture and before starting university I knew that it was important to know all of the options available to fund my degree. Unfortunately, this information wasn’t provided to me by my sixth form so it was something I had to seek for myself. Make sure you research scholarship opportunities as early as possible so you can organise your time to meet deadlines for applications. What is unique about The Bartlett Promise Scholarship is that it provides students from underrepresented backgrounds with the means to study at one of the best built environment schools in the world. Details on what the scholarship offers can be found on here


The application process

The application process began during the summer after I accepted my offer to study at The Bartlett. I firstly filled out a straightforward online scholarship application form which had a deadline in July. Around a month later, I then took part in an online one to one dialogue with The Windsor Fellowship, which lasted for twenty minutes. I discussed reasons why the scholarship may be beneficial to someone like me, I also expressed my enthusiasm to study Architecture at The Bartlett. I found the dialogue to be very casual and I was comfortable with speaking about my circumstances, feeling assured throughout. Here are some useful resources that helped me with the application process:

My top tips

To maximise your chances of having a successful application, you must check your eligibility and be sure that you meet the majority of the criteria. Please consider the deadlines and putting aside documents that may be requested as early as possible, so you can be well organised and submit your application on time. During the one-to-one dialogue, remember to show enthusiasm and passion for your subject, try to speak about this with as much confidence and clarity as you can. 

Studying at The Bartlett

University can be intimidating as it is a bigger environment with a larger student body compared to sixth form. Finding a voice may be difficult as a result, online tutorials provided by The Promise Scholarship have helped with this process. I’ve noticed a difference in my confidence and identity as an architecture student. If you would like to study architecture, presenting your work to a group of other students and tutors is part of the learning process, and it is essential you master this. The Promise tutorials are a space for us to practice our presentations and receive feedback on how to structure and communicate our ideas. The tutorials encourage self-reflection, they are also a way to check in and monitor your personal and academic growth as a student throughout the terms. I would strongly encourage prospective students to apply to The Promise to benefit from these opportunities.