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Our path-breaking research explores ways to understand public value and public purpose.

Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose - Research

From climate change to ageing populations, tackling the grand challenges of the 21st century requires actors in the public, private and third sectors to work together in new, dynamic ways to drive innovation.

The public sector's role cannot be limited to simply fixing markets – it must shape and create them. This requires radical new thinking and framework about how to justify, nurture and evaluate public policy driven by public purpose. It also requires a new understanding of the dynamic capabilities and competencies required inside public institutions—a new form of public governance.

Our interdisciplinary research will break new ground in economics, public governance and our understanding of technology and innovation. The aim is to build a systems perspective on the complex relationships between economic, technological and social changes.

Research streams

New ideas about public value and public purpose will be applied to different research streams with external partners and funders, including:

IIPP's interdisciplinary approach brings together economists, philosophers, political scientists, anthropologists, engineers and natural scientists.

Research Projects

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UCL Grand Challenges

Our work will focus on real world impact. We aim to make an ambitious contribution to the UCL Grand Challenges agenda, which brings together expertise from across the university with external partners, to address some of the most pressing problems facing human societies worldwide.