UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose


Professional Services

Find contact information for our management and administration team, the EA to the Director, and the Communications team below.

Management and Administration

Institute Manager 

Jo Adam
Email: j.adam@ucl.ac.uk

Institute Administrator

Lisa Etamoje
Email: l.etamoje@ucl.ac.uk

Institute Staffing Administrator

Ravkiran Mangat Sandhu
Email: r.mangat@ucl.ac.uk

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Rachael Wadsworth
Email: iipp-admin@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3108 7097

Director's Chief of Staff 

Caroline Cooke
Email: iipp-dircos@ucl.ac.uk 

Director's Head of Policy

Sarah Doyle
Email: iipp-dirpolicy@ucl.ac.uk 

Director's Global Engagement Manager

Luca Kühn von Burgsdorff 
Email: luca.burgsdorff@ucl.ac.uk 

Director's Digital Media and Events Coordinator

Sol Hallam
Email: sol.hallam@ucl.ac.uk

Victoria Phillips 
Email: v.phillips@ucl.ac.uk

EA to Director

Adam Albrecht 
Email: iipp-director-pa@ucl.ac.uk

Senior Teaching and Learning Administrator

Lena Rinder 
Email: iipp.studentenquiries@ucl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7679 8261 (Internal: 58261)

Head of Grants

Sean Tonkin
Email: sean.tonkin@ucl.ac.uk

For specific research enquiries, please email iipp-research@ucl.ac.uk.

Networks and Partnerships Team

Head of the Mission-Oriented Innovation Network (MOIN)

Nora Clinton
Email: n.clinton@ucl.ac.uk

Research and Policy Analyst - Mission Oriented Innovation Network (MOIN)

Anna Goulden
Email: a.goulden@ucl.ac.uk

Stakeholder and Partnerships Manager (IIPP Policy Studio)

Barbara Chesi
Email: barbara.chesi@ucl.ac.uk

Policy Designer (IIPP Policy Studio)

Manuel Maldonado Acosta
Email: m.maldonado@ucl.ac.uk

Communications Team

Head of Communications and Marketing 

Angelo Napolano 
Email: a.napolano@ucl.ac.uk

Public Engagement Manager

Silvija Tetlow
Email: s.tetlow@ucl.ac.uk 

Events and External Engagement Officer

Izmini Farassopoulos
Email: i.farassopoulos@ucl.ac.uk