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IIPP contributes to UN debates on intersection of Sustainable Development and post-COVID recovery

28 July 2020

IIPP participated in high level discussions on how the economic and policy response to COVID-19 should ensure achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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IIPP has been contributing to the debate about how governments and multilateral agencies, should respond to the interconnected health, economic and humanitarian crises presented by COVID-19 – especially with a view to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

IIPP Director Professor Mariana Mazzucato and IIPP Advisory Board member Stephanie Kelton were invited by the UN Secretary General to a high level roundtable of women economists for solutions-focussed discussion centred on three urgent topics: external finance, debt and international trade. You can watch the fascinating conversation below.

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Both Professor Mazzucato and Dr Kate Roll (Assistant Professor Innovation, Development and Value) participated in different sessions of the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) – the main UN body responsible for reviewing the implementation of SDGs.

Professor Mazzucato made an intervention in the opening session on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis and how governments can design sustainable, resilient development pathways in their policy responses. Dr Roll moderated a session at the Annual Parliamentary Forum that runs alongside the HLPF, which you can watch below.

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Both Professor Mazzucato and Dr Roll drew on IIPP’s analysis and recommendations about what a COVID-19 recovery needs to look like, including as captured in our special COVID-19 briefings papers series. Common threads included the need for mission-orientated approach which sets an inclusive and sustainable direction for recovery, and against which the state can set conditionalities on bailouts to industry.

IIPP is supporting the local implementation of the SDGs including in Biscay in Spain where we are working with the Regional Governor and his tax team to develop the economic framing for an ambitious new tax policy that will be aligned with the SDGs.