The Bartlett School of Planning


Projects and Initiatives

Our research work includes major projects, on-going collaboration and support networks around issues raised by our work.
Everyday Economy

Everyday Economy

UCL's Everyday Economy website brings together work, research and methods of studying everyday life and ordinary places.

Place Alliance

Place Alliance

A movement for place quality founded on the idea that through collaboration and better communication we can establish a culture whereby the quality of place becomes an everyday national and local priority.

Gzhou Library

China Planning Research Group

A platform for comparative studies between urban China and other parts of the world through linked seminars, workshops, exchange visits and conferences for researchers interested in China’s continuing momentum of urbanisation and profound urban transformation.


Socially Just Planning Doctoral Network

A network to discuss and promote ideas of social justice around the field of planning through transport, urban regeneration and public spaces as its main lines of analysis. Bringing together academics and students to contribute to ongoing discussions.

UCL SDG Research Accelerator NEW

UCL SDG Research Accelerator

The UCL SDG Research Accelerator aims to use challenge-driven and transdisciplinary research to advance understanding and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Image of New Horizons Court building

UCL Permitted Development Housing Study

The UCL Permitted Development Housing Study looks at housing that is located in a building converted from a previous commercial use, such as offices that are now flats. We are working with our study participants to help us understand how this housing impacts residents’ health and wellbeing and how best to manage such existing properties and govern the development of conversions in future.