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The Socially Just Planning Doctoral Network

Socially Just Planning Network

The Socially Just Planning Doctoral Network is created in order to discuss on-going research projects and initiatives, contributing to develop ideas of social justice and equity around the field of planning. This will be done through the fields of Transport, Regeneration and Public Spaces as three different, yet related, lines of socially just urban planning.

Each of these lines of research will have its own seminars, run in a conference format followed by a panel discussion with the other attendees where further themes will be exposed to contribute to the discussion of social justice within planning studies. It is proposed the seminars will be followed by an after-drinks activity to encourage more discussions.

The Network follows in the footsteps of the Socially Just Transport Doctoral Network but adding Regeneration and Public Spaces to further contribute to the promotion of social justice within planning.

The Socially Just Planning Network will focus on:

  • Engaging doctoral students from different departments within the Bartlett, with interests in planning and social matters in cross-departmental initiatives, fostering exchange of ideas and networking.
  • Develop activities with existing transport groups at UCL or initiate collaboration with other UCL departments related to the topics of interest (e.g. engineering, geography, among others) – and potentially also other doctoral networks (Photography). 
  • Promote seminars and interchange of ideas, critical visions and methodologies aimed to solve social constraints in relation to planning effects.
  • Link transport, regeneration and open spaces studies under the umbrella term of Planning to create a wider network for knowledge information exchange that could provide deeper insights into social challenges in today’s cities and urban areas.

Beatriz Mella Lira 
Bartlett School of Planning

Monica Lopez Franco
Bartlett School of Planning

Karla Barrantes Chaves
Bartlett School of Planning

Elisabete Cidre (supervisor)
Bartlett School of Planning


Email: sociallyjustplanning@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/sociallyjustplanning

Twitter: @just_planning​​​​​​​