The Bartlett School of Planning


BSP staff awarded UCL ChangeMakers funds for 'Queering the Curriculum'

23 June 2020

Dr Michael Short and Dr Juliana Martins, along with colleagues from the staff and student body across The Bartlett Faculty, have won the Faculty ChangeMakers funds for their ‘queering the curriculum’ project.

LGBTQ flag and university student illustration

The project seeks to intersect with the ‘decolonising the curriculum’ agenda, and of initiatives such as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the Bartlett, to challenge teachers and students to understand the contribution of queer people, and their legacies, to the built environment as well as their particular needs.

UCL ChangeMakers provides project funding as a tool to help faculties and departments address student feedback and ideas. Through these projects, students and staff work together in partnership to bring about improvements to the student learning experience at UCL.

The project team will be in touch with colleagues over the summer to discuss ideas and experiences to feed into the work.

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