UCL Energy Institute



UCL Energy Institute is a sought-after destination for aspiring Master's and PhD students looking to study energy demand and energy economics and policy.

UCL Energy Institute delivers world-leading teaching, research and policy support on the challenges of climate change and energy security. Our MSc and PhD programmes equip graduates with the tools needed for a career as a leader in energy-related industry, academia, or policy making. We welcome students from a wide spectrum of professional, academic and cultural backgrounds to develop new skills in a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment.

Master's degrees

Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment

Smart Energy and the Built Environment

Smart energy technologies and services in buildings, towns and cities can has the power to our energy system, making it more whilst ensuring resilience and security of supply, and controlling costs.  This MSc will train students to be at the forefront of this revolution in smart energy and the built environment. 

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Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc

This MSc programme provides an academically leading and industrially relevant study of energy systems through the lens of data analytics.

A man and a woman in suits planting trees, or 'greening' a city scape

Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc

This MSc equips its graduates to grasp issues such as climate change, resource exhaustion, energy poverty and energy security, to become sustainability leaders in business, policy-making and research.


MPhil/PhD in Energy

Three-year programme through which students define their studies in Energy and produce definitive and cutting-edge doctoral research.

Graphic illustration for the ERBE Centre for Doctoral Training: a hand holds a miniature green world with wind turbines
Energy Resilience and the Built Environment Centre for Doctoral Training (ERBE CDT)

The UCL Energy Institute, together with the Energy and Physical Sciences Research Council, Loughborough University and Ireland's Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy, has set up ERBE to train future leaders and innovators in the field of energy and the built environment.