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Energy Resilience and the Built Environment Centre for Doctoral Training (ERBE CDT)

Energy Resilience and the Built Environment Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) trains future energy and built environment leaders and innovators.

Graphic illustration for the ERBE Centre for Doctoral Training: a hand holds a miniature green world with wind turbines

Leading the energy system transformation

We are on the brink of a new, Third Age of energy efficiency, a revolution in the way we think about the relationship between energy supply and demand. A revolution which will see the creation of a new, resilient and flexible energy system. One where energy supply and energy demand interact in real time to assure a clean, secure and affordable supply of heat and power to our homes, businesses and industry.

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment will train the future innovators and leaders capable of driving this energy transformation.

Training future energy leaders

Students are trained through a programme of taught courses and PhD research hosted by the leading energy research groups in the UK and Ireland. The training is led by world-leaders in their field and spans the technical, social and economic aspects of energy in the built environment, including: new and renewable energy systems; energy storage; smart controls; data analytics; socio-technical systems; people-centred design; human behaviour and energy economics.

“The opportunities provided by the ERBE CDT have been fantastic so far - from working closely with supervisors across industry and academia, and receiving inspiration, advice and guidance, to forming close-knit work and support groups with peers who are working towards similar PhD goals, but also topics which allow me to learn about all sorts of pertinent energy related research frontiers. The cohort element of ERBE gives us consistent connections with like-minded researchers at UCL, Loughborough and across Ireland, who are going through similar experiences and feelings with their PhDs." - Simon Vakeva-Baird, current ERBE Student


Impactful industry collaborations

Our work is supported by our Partners from the energy and construction industries, consultancies, central government, charities and professional institutions. They co-fund our research, support our students’ work and provide a route to impact and future employment.

Whether you’re a potential stakeholder partner, academic, or student in a similar field, this website gives you an insight into ERBE, our projects, our people and how you can become involved in our programme.