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Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc

Equipping graduates with the skills to become sustainability leaders and entrepreneurs in business, policy-making and research.

A man and a woman in suits planting trees, or 'greening' a city scape

There is a global need for quantitative, practical environment and resource economists with a sound understanding of policy. Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a sustainability leader and innovator in business, policy-making and research. 

You will gain a deep understanding of different economic and policy approaches to the urgent environmental and resource problems that face our global community, especially in respect to energy and climate change. You will learn how to apply a variety of analytical methods to resolve these problems, applied to a broad range of practical contexts.

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Student experiences

Several of our alumni have shared their experiences studying Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment at UCL. 

Shanali's experience 

Photo of Shanali
"My MSc was pivotal in forging my current career path. It had been a long-standing dream of mine to become an environmental economist – the technical specialisation provided by this MSc, together with the calibre of education provided at UCL, made it possible for me to realise that dream. In particular, I believe the interesting selection of optional units on offer allowed me to gain a competitive edge."

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Student activites

Throughout the academic year our students engage in educational activities during their modules. Here are a few examples of what our students have been up to recently:

Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc students presenting their work at Hubbub

Students' behavioural economics intervention aims to reduce football fan’s meat consumption

Student's work presented to an award-winning environmental organisation experimented with different framing and positioning to make the meat option less appealing. 

Photos of Rory Brown and James Fenna

Students shortlisted for Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition 2022

Rory Brown and James Fenna from the Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc were shortlisted for their carbon dioxide removal idea.

A collection of images showing a suburban scene, agriculture and a desert

Energy, Environment and Resources in Developing Countries student blogs

Students from the Energy, Environment and Resources in Developing Countries module have written blogs on current energy, environment, and resources problems in one or more developing countries. We have published three highlights: