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Student testimonials

Find out what past and present students from the Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc have to say about the programme.

Shanali's experience

EPEE alumna
"My MSc was pivotal in forging my current career path. It had been a long-standing dream of mine to become an environmental economist – the technical specialisation provided by this MSc, together with the calibre of education provided at UCL, made it possible for me to realise that dream. In particular, I believe the interesting selection of optional units on offer allowed me to gain a competitive edge."

Shanali Pethiyagoda, EPEE MSc Alumna, Environmental Economist Consultant to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

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Shaun's experience

Shaun Micallef
"The benefits of having a specialised MSc from a world-class university has given me a competitive edge when applying for jobs related to my area of expertise. My degree, combined with a few years of work experience, has given me the credentials needed to successfully apply for intermediate-level jobs rather than starting in an entry-level position.”

Shaun James Micallef, EPEE MSc Alumnus (2019), Senior Economist- Cambridge Econometrics

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Christine's experience

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"Eight months in I can say that I’m happy with the experience and knowledge I have gained from the programme, the highlights of my learning journey here is the opportunity to learn from the best of the best. For our lectures and seminars we have accomplished academics and professionals from the industry, from government and the opportunity to discuss with them for me is priceless.”
Christine Elizabeth, Current EPEE MSc Student (2019/20 academic year)

Vassilis' Experience

Vassilis Gkouma photo
"Through EPEE I learnt many aspects of environmental policy and economics that I am currently applying in my research. EPEE is quite a broad course and it covers a wide range of topics, which helped me get an overview of what is out there and then allowed me to research further the topics that I was most interested in.”

Vassilis Gkoumas, EPEE MSc Alumni (2019), PhD Candidate at the Land Economy Department at the University of Cambridge

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Jihae's Experience

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“I’d like to recommend you this course particularly because the course directors are really helpful. Whenever you’re having a problem they are very open, easy to talk to and very friendly”

Jihae Ko, Current EPEE MSc Student (2019/20 academic year)

More alumni testimonials

Hiren Mulchandani - Senior Analyst in the Commissioned Projects team at Aurora Energy Research Ltd
"I currently work as a Senior Analyst in the Commissioned Projects team at Aurora Energy Research Ltd. in Oxford, a role I started after completing my MSc Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment (EPEE) degree. 

I credit the EPEE programme with giving me skills I use daily in my work: modelling and scenario analysis, econometrics and statistical thinking, a broad understanding of climate and power sector policies, and environmental and energy economics which are the foundations for my work.

At Aurora Energy, I use proprietary in-house CGE and power sector dispatch models to provide analytics and consulting advice for British and European power, renewables, coal, oil and gas sector clients. Recent projects have included strategic advice to a major energy company for investing in an emerging economy power market, due diligence for sell-side plant valuations, co-authoring the annual update to the flagship commodities market forecast report, and modelling policy implications for a large UK power asset owner."

Hiren Mulchandani - Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc (EPEE), UCL

Laura Prawatky - Project Manager at German Energy Agency

“Studying at the UCL has given me broad and solid background knowledge on energy economics and policies, which I found to be essential for my current job.”

“After graduation, I started working as project manager for the German Energy Agency in Berlin in the department of Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Mobility. The German Energy Agency works closely together with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and serves as intersection between policy, research and the economy in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

One of my main duties is writing reports and studies on the international implementation and potential of renewable energy policies. For example, I was involved in the elaboration of a report for the group of experts on renewable energy of the UNECE, which analyses the status and perspectives for renewable energy development in the UNECE region.”

Laura Prawatky - Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc (EPEE), UCL

Shimon Hassid - Ofgem

“Since graduating the with an MSc Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment from UCL I’ve held two positions. The first was as a consultant at PA Consulting, where I modelled energy revenue streams as part of due-diligence processes in energy sector related transactions -in this role I used models which employ similar logic to the ones taught during my studies on the MSc EPEE course.

The knowledge of the European law framework and Impact Assessment methodologies taught on the MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment is very relevant in my current role with Ofgem, which involves policy making and market design in areas such as Demand Side Response aggregation.” 

Shimon Hassid - Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc (EPEE), UCL

Jón Skafti Gestsson - Energy and Environmental Consultant

“I have found that my studies at UCL have been tremendously beneficial.

Since graduation, I have been working in my home country of Iceland as an energy and environmental consultant. My clients have been power companies, the Icelandic TSO, aluminium smelters and other smaller users and producers of electricity. I have advised on investment in wind-farms, done efficiency analyses of distribution firms, submarine interconnectors, and helped to develop sustainability indicators.  Most recently, I have been involved in transmission system planning for 2017-2018. I am currently assisting data centre investors, by developing business plans and analysing scaling and cooling methods.”

- Jón Skafti Gestsson, Iceland - Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc (EPEE), UCL

Cathy Granneman - Sustainability Consultant for CBRE

“I’m currently working as a Sustainability Consultant for CBRE, the largest commercial real estate service company in the world. I advise companies and investors on their sustainability strategies, for compliance, voluntary reporting and risk mitigation.

Through the EPEE course I learned to understand the relation between economic theory, legislation and policy, allowing me to explain implications of legislative changes more clearly to my clients. Additionally, I wrote my dissertation on corporate climate change risk in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and I am now advising a client on their disclosure to the CDP.”

- Cathy Granneman - Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc (EPEE), UCL

Zack Wang - PhD Student at UCL

“I am a current PhD student at the UCL Energy Institute focusing on energy demand. I completed my MSc EPEE in 2015. This multi-disciplinary course provided me a competent knowledge foundation crossing over into the fields of energy, environment, public duty and economic well-being.

I have learnt the importance of policy and international co-operation when facing complicated and urgent issues regarding energy and climate change, together with the essential knowledge and skills to analyse environment-resource-economy interactions such as energy modelling and social science approaches. Through my EPEE course, I developed a great interest in low-carbon technologies and energy demand studies.”

 Zack Wang - Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc (EPEE), UCL