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Much of our work is in partnership with industry, government and other academic bodies.

Partnerships Lorenzo Armenia

At the Institute for Sustainable Resources, we seek to make real world impact with our knowledge and research. Our research areas, such as circular economy, sustainable finance and eco-innovation are highly applied and enable us to work closely with external partners such as the UN Environment Programme, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Green Alliance. 

How to engage with us

We have numerous tailored research and consultancy relationships with industry and government. We are always eager to discussion with organisations, big and small, on different ways we can work together.


We advise governments, municipalities and international organisations on green growth, climate change and energy policy; help businesses become more sustainable or circular; consult on materials and resource use, such as plastics and water; and train your workforce in sustainable business practices.  Your organisation can benefit from our academic expertise to help you solve technical challenges or research questions. We will provide innovative, cutting-edge insights into sustainability, energy and buildings that comes with a long track record of multidisciplinary thinking.

In the past, we have worked on grants with EDF; advised the UN and national governments on climate change policy; frequently provided BEIS with expertise on energy efficiency; completed an evaluation of Calix with Ipsos Mori; provided low-carbon shipping solutions for the International Maritime Organisation and many others.

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If you would like to become a donor please contact us. Your donation will help fund pioneering research and develop the next generation of leaders in sustainability. Whatever global sustainability cause you are passionate about solving, we are likely to be so too and will be much stronger with your support.  

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Short courses and training

We are currently developing our portfolio of open short courses. We are open to feedback from you on your training needs – send us an email with what you would like to see from us. 

Some of the courses we are likely to offer soon are in the sustainable business field: Green Finance and Measurement of Sustainability. They are aimed at mid-senior level professionals in organisations and businesses looking to develop their strategies for long-term value creation and sustainable pathways. 

Moisture in Buildings CPD: the renowned UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings hosts a CPD programme for professionals in the buildings- and construction sectors. Inappropriate moisture levels in buildings are considered to be the cause of the majority of all building failures including building-related occupant health problems. Available online and face-to-face.

Bespoke short courses and training

We can deliver custom education and CPD for executives, business leaders and high-potential professionals in organisations that are looking to drive innovation and generate impact. We will work with you to design a programme built around your training requirements and transfer our knowledge and insights in a way that will deliver impact in your organisation. Training could be modelled around sustainable and circular businesses, climate change challenges, energy efficiency, building physics, modelling, scenario planning, technical environmental design and engineering challenges you face and many more.

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PhD studentships

Our doctoral training and research outputs are world leading. We endeavour to closely align our PhD research with real-world needs and are always looking for suitable industry partners. Browse the range of research areas or speak to us about a particular question your organisation wants to explore through academic research. 

The PhD student will work closely with your business and may spend time in your office as work experience - models of collaboration can be tailored to your requirements. Some PhDs study part time and work 50% of the time with the sponsor, others only visit their sponsor occasionally.

To fully sponsor a UK/EU student over 3 years the fees + stipend are around £75,000. A lower level payment is possible via a CASE award (where UKRI pays a share) or via our doctoral training centre in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment (around £8,000 p.a. over 4 years).

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership

You can improve your business' competitiveness and productivity through funded partnerships with one of our academics and/or graduates.  

The scheme can last between 12 and 36 months, depending on what the project is and the needs of the business.
A KTP is part-funded by a grant. You will need to contribute to the salary of the Associate who will work with your business, plus the cost of a supervisor who will oversee the scheme. Find out more on gov.uk

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Case study - Bespoke training courses

Solar panels in the Snow

In 2022 two ISR colleagues delivered a bespoke training programme to a large Armenian energy company that wanted to upskill their employees and develop a competitive edge in renewable energy capabilities. They created a challenging 3-day learning programme covering the latest thinking around resource economics, environment and innovation. The programme was loosely based on one of our Masters courses, Economics & Politics of Energy and the Environment

Find out more about the training programme.

Bespoke training courses are a possibility for any company or organisation. If you are interested, please get in touch with the partnerships team. 

Case study - Influencing policy through research

‘The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change'.

Our research has helped to place health at the centre of government’s understanding of climate through its contribution to ‘The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change'.

Disseminated across 54 countries and reaching an estimated audience of 1.8 billion, this highly influential publication has encouraged fossil fuel divestment of international associations totalling close to $100 million, and has guided the NHS net zero emissions strategy and implementation plan. 

Read more about this partnership.


Contact us

If you or your organisation would like to engage us in a partnership, please get in touch using the following email: bseer-partnerships@ucl.ac.uk.

Carlos Huggins 
Consultancy Manager