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Smart Energy and the Built Environment MSc

Gain the skills to be at the forefront of the smart energy revolution and lead the transformation to a sustainable global energy system.

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To fight climate change global electricity generation is moving away from simply burning fossil fuels. Instead, we are moving towards zero-carbon nuclear, renewable sources and capturing and storing the carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants. However, these methods of generating electricity are inflexible and lack the convenience of traditional fossil fuels, where generation is easily adjusted to meet the electricity demanded by consumers. This has led to significant global investment into smart energy systems: a revolution in the way our energy system works, by shifting flexibility to consumption. These digital technologies and their rapid progress are set to make our energy systems more connected, reliable and smart. New business models, tariff structures and policies are required to enable the transition. The built environment, which is the largest end use sector and is associated with 40% of global energy demand, is central to these changes.

UCL's Smart Energy in the Built Environment MSc is developed to provide knowledge on the value of smart energy in the built environment and the wider system. It is also designed to provide the skills to take on the challenges we face. The programme brings together both physical and social perspectives of energy demand and supply. This will help you understand how the sociotechnical system of local energy can be designed and commissioned to deliver effective policies and economic priorities. You will learn how key components of a smart energy system work, integrate and interact with energy policy and business opportunities, including building energy efficiency, renewable energy, decentralisation, the Internet of Things (IoT), storage and energy market design.  

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What is it like studying Smart Energy and the Built Environment MSc?

Smart Energy and the Built Environment MSc student Chris Winters has shared his experience studying with us.

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My biggest highlight has been learning from a range of academics who are leading experts in Smart Energy & the Built Environment. Their enthusiasm and insights are very inspiring & I always enjoy conversations inside and outside the classroom on the latest developments in this fast moving sector. A particular highlight was having fun with an infrared Camera in one of our early Fundamentals lectures to demonstrate radiative heat loss!”

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What you will learn whilst studying Smart Energy and the Built Environment MSc?
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Meet your future teachers and find out what you will learn in each module when studying Smart Energy and the Built Environment. We're created a series of module explainer videos to give you a taste of what you will learn studying Smart Energy and the Built Environment at UCL.

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