UCL Energy Institute


How to apply for an Energy MPhil/PhD

Follow this four-step process to start your application for an MPhil/PhD from UCL Energy Institute.

Are you ready to apply to start an MPhil/PhD at UCL Energy Institute? Before submitting your formal application you will need to follow the steps below to identify a project, identify a supervisor and submit an expression of interest. Once you've completed these steps and have agreed a supervisory team they will then support you wil making a formal application to UCL.

Before starting these steps, please ensure you have read and meet the minimum entry requirements advertised on the UCL Energy Institute MPhil/PhD page of the UCL Graduate Prospectus.

Step one - identify a project

► Do you have a research idea you want to persue? 
To propose your own project, you should prepare a 2-page outline research proposal to share with potential supervisors covering:

  • the background;
  • key literature;
  • research question(s); and,
  • proposed research methods.

► Are you looking for a funded studentship opportunity? 
These are advertised through the UCL-wide Funded Research Opportunities page as they arise. If you would like funded studentship opportunities sent to you via email, please register your interest in studying with us. Studentships will follow their own application processes depending on the funder, please follow the application process outlined in the studenship advert rather than on this page.

Step two - identify a supervisor

Next you will need to identify a potential principal supervisor. This should be someone whose interests fit with what you wish to research. You can find potential supervisors either by either looking at our staff profiles via our staff list, or on our research pages.

Step three - submit an expression of interest

Once you have identified a potential supervisor and project you can submit an expression of interest. You can do this by emailing your potential supervisor with:

  • Your 2-page research proposal
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)

 If you are struggling to identify a suitable supervisor, please send your materials to bseer-phd-admin@ucl.ac.uk. Your proposed supervisor will be in touch to say if they are able to support your proposal and next steps. If you have not heard from them within 2 weeks of initial contact please contact the Departmental Graduate Tutor (Research) Pamela Fennel

Step four - submit a formal application

Once you have completed the above steps and agreed a supervisory team and research proposal, or have been directed to apply by the Departmental Graduate Tutor (Research) or programme administrator, you can submit a formal application to UCL through the UCL Graduate Prospectus