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MPhil/PhD students

On this page you'll find a list of our current doctoral students, titles of their theses and links to pages about their research.

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Current students

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Ayo Adewole
Thesis title: Rural solar off-grid energy and consumers’ needs in Nigeria
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Jalal Ahmed
Thesis title: Scalable method to assess ventilation rates in dwellings
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Muez Ali
Thesis title: Urbanisation and energy consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Omran Al-Kuwari
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Husain Almeer
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Shyam Amrith
Thesis title: Simulating and Optimising the Performance of the Building Stock
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Minnie Ashdown
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Rayan Azhari
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Ayrton Bourn
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Jennifer Cronin
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Eleni Davidson
Thesis title: Climate change risk and resilience of the UK higher education building stock in the context of an integrated design approach
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Daisy De Selliers
Thesis title: The Contribution of the Energy Industry to the Circular Economy
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Qiuyu Ding
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Anne Dowling
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Lauren Ferguson
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Giulia Franceschini
Thesis title: Applying a flexibility capital framework to drive an inclusive energy transition
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Marie Fricaudet
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Duncan Grassie
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Naomi Grint
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Leonhard Hofbauer
Thesis title: Multi-scale governance and modelling of sustainable energy transitions
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Shih-Che Hsu
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Suneina Jangra
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Anneka Kang
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David Kenington
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Sumit Kothari
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Peggy Li
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Ramy Mahmoud
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William Markiewicz
Thesis title: Data Driven Approach to Modelling the Resource Footprints of Live Data Streams in Digital Twins
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Adria Martin Vilaseca
Thesis title: Transforming home heating: How smart platforms can help users navigate new everyday experiences and trade-offs
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Chris Matthew
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Kentaro Mayr
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Nandi Mbazima
Thesis title: The role of the private sector in upscaling renewable energy development in Zambia
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Qistina Mohamad Ludin
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Jakub Muscat
Thesis title: Developing an activity-based travel demand model to investigate the impact of new mobility services
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Eleni Oikonomou
Thesis title: Summer overheating in London dwellings: A cross-cultural comparison on occupant behaviour and building interaction
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Dimitrios Pappelis
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Giorgos Petrou
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Giulia Ragosa
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Isabelle Rojon
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Peter Roscoe
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Mustafa Saglam
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Chameli Sahabandu
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Wendela Schim Van Der Loeff
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Selman Sevindik
Thesis title: A Multilevel Integrated Methodological Approach of Low Carbon Heating Technologies’ Carbon Content Towards a Circular Economy in the UK
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Salman Siddiqui
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Dulce Silva De La Torre
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Cairan Van Rooyen
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Nicole Watson
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Weijian Xu
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Guanyu Yang
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Lampros Yfantis
Thesis Title: Transport modelling and Mobility as a Service: the development of the supply components of an advanced integrated on-demand mobility service
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Eleni Zafeiratou
Thesis title: Renewable energy integration on the Greek islands following their interconnection with the national grid system
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