UCL Energy Institute


Colin Robertshaw

Thesis title: Transition pathways for hydrogen based synthetic fuels within the maritime industry

Primary supervisor: Dr Tristan Smith
Seconddary seupervisor: Dr Nishatabbas Rehmatulla

Start date: September 2017
Completion date: September 2020

Sponsor: EPSRC + ENVIU

To reduce the greenhouse gas emission levels that are attributable to the maritime industry to a level that is in accordance with international agreements, the adoption of a hydrogen based synthetic fuel is anticipated to be a fundamental necessity. This will require the adaptation of various elements both within and without the maritime industry on multiple levels to accommodate this alteration to the operational model of shipping that currently dominates. The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding as to whether this adaptation may be achieved through the pursuit of a technological step change in the medium to long term time frame, or otherwise requires the implementation of a discrete development process in the short to medium term that is coordinated towards the desired objective of decarbonisation. 


Colin is a Doctoral Researcher of maritime operations and technology within the UCL Energy Institute. His PhD research is concerned with the transition pathways that are associated with the adoption of hydrogen based synthetic fuels within the maritime industry. He has substantial experience within industry and has held positions involved in the design, construction, survey and technical operation of various vessel types and associated systems. Colin holds an MSc in Marine and Offshore Power Systems and a BEng (Hons) in Marine Technology, awarded by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, in addition to industry specific operational certification, issued by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.