UCL Energy Institute


Wendela Schim van der Loeff

Thesis title: A complex network modelling analysis of the impacts on an environmental market-based measure within the maritime transportation sector

Primary supervisor: Tristan Smith
Secondary supervisor: Sarah Wise

Start date: November 2017
End date: November 2020

Sponsor: MATRANS and UCL

Today’s world economy is greatly dependent on maritime transport, the primary carrier of world trade. Approximately 80% of global trade by volume is transported over sea. Even though shipping stands out as the most energy efficient mode, the maritime transport industry is accountable for a substantial amount of emissions.

Any environmental policy promoting sustainability, whether economic or not, has to take all causal connections and phenomena belonging to the system in which the intervention is realise, into account. Environmental policies on one side of the world, or one sector, can have enormous socio-economic and environmental implications in other parts of the world, or in other sectors.

This project will evaluate the use of complex network analyses in attempt to model perturbations of a market-based measure to curb maritime transport emissions, with a special focus on trade, transport costs and emission intensities of routes.