UCL Energy Institute

Mr William Markiewicz

Mr William Markiewicz


Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
27th Sep 2021

Research summary

The ubiquity of the Internet of Things is changing how we sense and interact with our environment and has led to the emergence of the Digital Twin – a virtual model of a real-life operational entity. Driven by information, these models allow us to monitor operations to head off issues before they arise, or optimise operations based on ever-changing human-environment interaction. William's research will explore the hidden value of “data as a material” to improve efficiency and demand flexibility.


His research aims to develop a new method to quantify the social, economic and environmental benefits of capturing, analysing and storing information generated in a digital twin based on analysis of demand management and post-occupancy evaluation. Analysis will be conducted on two new campus buildings at UCL East (opening 2022 and 2023) which have the capacity to generate about 30 million data points per day.


William completed an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London, graduating in 2014. His career so far has been in the aerospace industry, where he has worked on a range of technologies, including robotic assembly cells and zero-carbon aircraft. A key part of his work was focussed on creating digital twins of factories. Whilst working in this field, William saw an opportunity for using data to optimise the performance of buildings and reduce their energy and waste footprints.