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Academic, research and honorary staff directory

On this page you'll find a list of our current academic and research staff, their role in our Institute and links to their staff profiles.

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Gabrial Anandarajah
Associate Professor in Energy System Modelling
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Paulo Anciaes
Senior Research Fellow - Transport Behaviour Modeller
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Denitsa Angelova
Research Fellow in Transition Finance: Indicators of Risks and Opportunities
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Domagoj Baresic
Research Assistant
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Mark Barrett
Professor of Energy and Environmental Systems Modelling
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Priscila Carvalho
Research Fellow in Environmental Law and Sustainability
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Giorgio Castagneto Gissey
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Manos Chaniotakis
Lecturer in Transport Modelling and Machine Learning
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Lai Fong Chiu
Principal Research Associate
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Jenny Crawley
Research Associate
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Oliver Dawkins
Research Fellow in Building Stock and Energy Modelling
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Olivier Dessens
Senior Research Associate in Climate Modelling
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Paul Dodds
Professor of Energy Systems
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Khan Doyme
Research Fellow in Airline Behaviour Modelling
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Lynnette Dray
Principal Research Fellow
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Simon Elam
Principal Research Associate
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Femi Eludoyin
Research Fellow
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Cliff Elwell
Professor of Building Physics
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Steve Evans
Senior Research Fellow
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Michael Fell
Research Associate in Buildings
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Pamela Fennell
Lecturer in Urban Energy Modelling
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Jessica Few
Research Fellow in Data Science and End Use Energy Demand
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Rachel Freeman
Senior Research Fellow in Energy Transitions
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Annika Frosch
Research Fellow in Energy and Transport Policy
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Amir Gharavi
Lecturer (Teaching) in Energy and Data Analytics
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Daniel Godoy-Shimizu
Research Assistant in High-Rise Buildings, Energy and Density
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Virginia Gori
EPSRC UCL Doctoral Prize Fellow
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Rob Gross
Honorary Professor


Ian Hamilton
Professor of Energy, Environment and Health
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Clare Hanmer
LoLo & ERBE Academic Manager and Research Fellow in Buildings and Energy
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Clare Hawkins
Honorary Senior Research Associate

Leonhard Hofbauer
Research Fellow in Energy System Modelling
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Frances Hollick
Research Fellow in Physical Characterisation of Buildings
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Shih-Che Hsu
Research Fellow in Building Stock and Indoor Air Quality Modelling
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Gesche Huebner
Lecturer in Sustainable and Healthy Built Environments
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Dominic Humphrey
Research Fellow in Building Stock and Energy Modelling
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Francisca Jalil-Vega
Research Fellow in Hydrogen Systems
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Kathryn Janda
Principal Research Associate in Non-Domestic Buildings
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Harshavardhan Jatkar
Research Fellow in Energy, Urban Planning and Informal Settlements
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Maria Kamargianni
Deputy Director of UCL Energy Institute
Professor of Transport Systems, Innovation and Sustainability
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Harry Kennard
Research Fellow in Energy, Climate and Health
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Joanna Kuleszo
Research Fellow
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Rob Liddiard
Research Associate
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Bob Lowe
Chair of Energy and Building Science
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Pietro Lubello
Research Fellow
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Sibimol Luke
Research Fellow
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John Macadam
Honorary Senior Research Associate
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Santa Maiti
Research Fellow
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Peter Mallaburn
Honorary Senior Research Associate
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Despina Manouseli
Teaching Fellow in Energy Demand
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Will McDowall
Associate Professor
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Eoghan McKenna
Senior Research Associate in Data Science and End Use Energy Demand
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Fredrik Monsuur
Research Fellow - Travel Behaviour Modeller
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Jishnu Narayan
Research Fellow in Transport Modelling
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Argyrios Oraiopoulos
Research Fellow in Urban Energy Modelling and Thermal Comfort
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Tadj Oreszczyn
Professor of Energy & Environment
Director, RCUK Centre for Energy Epidemiology
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Simone Osei-Owusu
Research Fellow in Energy System Modelling
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Aidan O'Sullivan
Associate Professor and Lecturer in Statistics
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Sudip Pal
Research Fellow in Building Stock and Energy Modelling
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Jason Palmer
Research Fellow in Modelling the Building Stock
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Dimitrios Pappelis
Research Fellow in Dynamic Travel Demand Forecasting and Network Modelling
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James Price
Senior Research Associate
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Martin Pullinger
Senior Research Fellow in Data Science and End Use Energy Demand
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Steve Pye
Deputy Director of UCL Energy Institute
Associate Professor in Energy Systems
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Luke Reedman
Honorary Senior Research Associate

Nishatabbas Rehmatulla
Principal Research Fellow
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Paul Ruyssevelt
Chair of Energy & Building Performance
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Andreas Schäfer
Director of Research
Chair in Energy and Transport
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Alexandra Schneiders
Senior Research Fellow
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Mohammad Haris Shamsi
Senior Research Fellow
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Aly Shaw
Research Fellow
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David Shipworth
Director of Partnerships
Professor of Energy and the Built Environment
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Michelle Shipworth
Associate Professor
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Yagmur Simge Gök
Research Fellow in Airline Behaviour Modelling
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Gareth Simons
Research Fellow in Building Stock and Energy Modelling
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Tristan Smith
Reader in Energy and Shipping
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Catalina Spataru
Director of UCL Energy Institute
Professor in Global Energy and Resources
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Philip Steadman
Emeritus Professor of Urban Studies and Built Form Studies
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Neil Strachan
Director of The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources
Professor in Energy Economics and Modelling
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Alex Summerfield
Honorary Senior Lecturer
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Nicola Terry
Research Fellow in Modelling the Building Stock
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Brunilde Verrier
Research Fellow in Energy Transitions
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Carol Vigurs
Research Fellow
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Ellen Webborn
Research Associate in Data Science and End Use Energy Demand
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Matthew Winning
Research Associate
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Jez Wingfield
Senior Technician – Physical building Performance
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Yuerong Zhang
Lecturer in Geospatial Machine Learning
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Lin Zheng
Research Fellow
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