UCL Energy Institute

Prof David Shipworth

Prof David Shipworth

Professor of Energy and the Built Environment

Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
5th Jan 2009

Research summary

I am Professor of Energy and the Built Environment at the UCL Energy Institute and Chair of User-Centred Energy Systems, a Technology Collaboration Programme by International Energy Agency. My research focuses on ways to provide demand flexibility within the energy system, and the roles of consumers, regulators, and buildings in delivering these. I have a particular interest in peer-to-peer energy trading, time of use tariffs, and home energy management systems - and in applications of distributed ledger technologies in enabling flexibility from these sources. I speak and consult widely in the UK and internationally on peer-to-peer energy trading - particularly on the design, conduct and evaluation of field trials for testing the consumer acceptability and response to different flexibility product offerings.  

I am a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College and is on the Editorial Board of Nature: Scientific Data.

Teaching summary

My current teaching is entirely postgraduate. I supervise PhD students and teach primarily on the UCL Energy Institute's Smart Energy and the Built Environment MSc programme. I have also done guest lectures on courses at Imperial College and at the University of Reading. My teaching at Masters level focuses around my research interests around measuring measuring and modelling occupant influences on energy use in homes, and more broadly on modelling methods and limitations and on how modelling shapes our understanding of our field. I have supervised six PhD students to successful completion and am currently supervising or co-supervising six students. I have supervised over 50 MSc theses across a range of MSc and MRes programmes. 


Prior to coming to UCL  in 2009 I was (in reverse chronological order):
- A PhD student at the University of Melbourne. PhD title: ‘Fitness Landscapes and the Precautionary Principle: The Geometry of Environmental Risk’.
- Working at the CSIRO Division of Building Construction and Engineering.
- Studying Architecture at Deakin University