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Post COVID-19 Urban Futures

DPU's blog and webinar series

Post COVID-19 Urban Futures

COVID-19 is a massive game changer in all spheres of life: Are we ready to imagine a better post COVID world? The Post COVID-19 Urban Futures series features written blogs, webinar events and video outputs reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on cities.
Webinar series

No. 1 - From crisis to radical change

Dr Robert Biel

No. 2 - Coping with the urban impacts of COVID-19 and imagining the aftermath

Dr Catalina Ortiz and Giovanna Astolfo

No. 3 - Learning from African post-pandemic experiences to tackle deep inequalities

Prof Adriana Allen and Dr Rita Lambert

No. 4 - The COVID-19 “Crisis” in Contested Cities and Divided Societies

Prof Haim Yacobi

No. 5 - The pedagogy of the catastrophes and intergenerational justice

Dr Andrea Rigon

No. 6 - Remote pedagogies for social learning 

Prof Adriana Allen & Julia Wesely

No. 7 - Urban mobility: responses, challenges and prospects for urban transformation

Dr Daniel Oviedo & Prof Caren Levy

No. 8 - Unrecognised States and COVID-19 politics: Somaliland, Palestine & Syria

Prof Michael Walls & Prof Haim Yacobi


Blog series

The impact of COVID-19 on night-time economies, arts and culture

Dr Alessio Koliulis

Working remotely: Implications on the fate of smaller cities, towns and villages in the New economy

Dr Naji Makarem

Has the pandemic reinforced what we know about disaster risk management?

Cassidy Johnson

Chile: Protect the campamentos!

Francisco Vergara Perucich and Camillo Boano

Covid-19, urban mobility and social equity

Julio Davila

Gaza and the COVID-19 “Crisis”: Breaking the cycle of structural vulnerability first

Haim Yacobi, Michelle Pace, Ziad Abu Mustafa, Manal Massalha

‘Stay at Home’: Housing as a pivotal infrastructure of care?

Catalina Ortiz and Camillo Boano

Urban economics in the time of Covid-19: What happens when the thing that makes cities great also makes them dangerous?

Alexandra Panman