The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Dr Daniel Oviedo Hernandez

Dr Daniel Oviedo Hernandez

Associate Professor

Development Planning Unit

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Mar 2015

Research summary

My research seeks to advance existing knowledge and evidence on transport, poverty and inequality in cities of the Global South, contesting and stretching current understanding of social implications of urban transport development for vulnerable populations in cities. As transport continues occupying an increasingly determinant role in developing effective cities, concerns on issues of social and spatial inequalities will be fundamental to the well-being and economic opportunities of all urban citizens. Recent research I have been involved in explore the links between transport and social exclusion, transitions to sustainable and inclusive urban mobility in global south cities (T-SUM), the role of disruptions and new technologies in accessibility and sustainability, the critical analysis of informal transport, the experiences, practices and interventions linked with walking the unwalkable city (https://www.walkingcitieslab.com/), and the relationships between urban transport, liveability, and well-being (Caliveable)

Teaching summary

I am tutor of the module of Transport Equity and Urban Mobility of the Msc in Urban Development Planning of the Bartlett Development Planning Unit as well as co-tutor in the International Practice Module of the same Msc, I co-teach the Module of Economic Evaluation of Development Policy in the MSc in Urban Economic Development, and I am the Director of Dissertations and Msc Dissertation Fellowships at the DPU. I have contributed to design and implementation of the Transport Equity module, which critically explores the approaches to urban transport planning in cities of the Global South and their relations with social identities, social inequalities, accessibility and well-being. I am responsible of technical training on the use of urban transport planning tools and participatory mapping technologies with a critical focus on their opportunities and limitations in relation to the analysis of transport equity, urban health and urban development. I have also delivered targeted training on research methods for development studies, focusing on quantitative and spatial analysis. Finally, I am subsidiary supervisor of two PhD candidates and supervisor of Msc dissertations at the DPU and the Bartlett School of Planning.


University College London
Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy | 2017
Universidad de los Andes
Other higher degree, Master of Science | 2009
Universidad de los Andes
First Degree, Bachelor of Engineering | 2008


Civil engineer by training with a masters on Transport Planning and PhD in Development Planning. I have over 12 years of experience as researcher and lecturer in transport and development both in the UK and overseas. My experience in research and consultancy in projects related to urban and interurban transport focus mainly on Global South Cities, having worked in projects across Latin America, Africa, Asia and the UK. I specialise on the social, economic, and spatial analysis of inequalities related to urban transport and policy evaluation in developing countries. I have been advisor for various national governments including Colombia, Peru, Panama, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank on issues related to transport planning, social equity and sustainability. I am the director of the International network for Transport and Accessibility in Low-Income Communities (INTALInC) in Latin America and the Caribbean (intalinc-lac.com), the UCL-Osaka Walking Cities Lab (https://www.walkingcitieslab.com/) and the UCL Inclusive Mobility Innovations Platform (https://www.ime-ucl.io/)