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Giovanna Astolfo

Giovanna's background is in architecture and urban design; Giovanna did the MSc BUDD Course and she hold a PhD at School of Architecture in Venice.

Giovanna Astolfo

Her PhD research focused on the re-appropriation of abandoned industrial, infrastructural and military areas in middle sized cities in the border region between Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

The research triggered the subsequent involvement in a collective design investigation for the reuse of the cold war military apparatus in Northern Italy with a multi-stakeholders participatory process in different cities.

More recently her research is focused on intra-urban borders, their agency and potentiality in everyday practices in non European urban contexts. Further research interests are related to the ethics of design, especially the social role of architects and the legacy of the community architecture movement.

Giovanna combined academic research and professional practice, working in architectural offices in Venice and São Paulo, on international projects and competitions for the re-appropriation of vacant buildings and marginal areas.

Publications and other work
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