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The Bartlett Dean’s Race Equality Pledges

Find out more about The Bartlett Dean's pledges for racial equality in our community.

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In June 2021, we held a series of Bartlett Dialogues on race and the built environment. These were part of a process started in June 2020, seeking to review our collective progress and understand challenges for race equality.

These dialogues remain an important tool to reflect and listen to the rich, diverse and powerful inputs from our community of students and staff. 

Based on this cocreation process, we are delighted to share The Bartlett Faculty’s Race Equality Pledges.

We make a collective commitment to meeting the following pledges for racial equality in our community:

Promote a culture of engagement with race and racism, by:  

  • Hosting cultural sensitivity workshops for all teaching and student-facing staff, as priority
  • Hosting a series of sandpits within departments to test out ideas that support changes to the curriculum we teach
  • Continuing to resource and support The Bartlett BAME group, a group of racialised minority students and staff in the faculty who are a source of peer support and guidance, by actively promoting visibility of the group through staff inductions, student guides and online channels
  • Continuing to host future dialogues on race, developing a format that enables more voices to contribute to the dialogue and allows for deeper understanding of how issues of race and racism affect different groups of people differently

Critically assess and improve our curriculum and pedagogy to move towards eliminating the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Awarding Gap, by:  

  • Developing and delivering teaching content that addresses race in the curriculum, building on our faculty’s ‘Race’ and Space curriculum
  • Requiring each department and school in The Bartlett to identify ways it will actively review race in their curriculum
  • Supporting a new faculty-wide student mentoring programme for BAME undergraduate students launched in 2021

Address diversity in staff recruitment and progression to represent better our London location, by: 

  • Ensuring proposals for new academic appointments include a statement that clearly identifies the contribution of this appointment to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Continuing to run the Race and Spatial Justice Recruitment Focus, that grows scholarship in this field, and applies positive action in recruitment to offer automatic shortlisting for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) candidates who meet the essential criteria.