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James Ray - MSc Student

James Ray
I am a MSc student who worked with the First Light team from 2019-2020, working under the supervision of Prof. Richard Ellis and Sarah Bosman. I have been using catalogue data provided by DECaLS to measure local density environments surrounding hight redshift quasars using a drop-out technique. The goal is to correlate these densities with the opacity of the quasars with the number density of galaxies, as well as several other physical properties. This may provide some insight into the epoch of cosmic reionisations and the variance discovered of the end of the epoch. The findings of research completed over the Summer led me to the further exploration of DECaLS and studying the fields of the quasars in greater depth for my Master’s project. 
Cosmology and galaxies have always been a particular interest of mine, so I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to be working with First Light Team. I have been inspired to pursue further academic study once my masters is complete.