UCL Astrophysics Group



The Astrophysics Group of UCL's Department of Physics & Astronomy is one of the largest in the UK. Our research areas cover massive stars, star formation, interstellar and circumstellar processes, astrochemistry, cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, extra-solar planets, atmospheric physics and instrumentation. Our main research topics are listed below.

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DESI, C1 lens, Peter Doel

Astronomical Instrumentation

The Astrophysics Instrumentation Group or Optical Science Laboratory (OSL)'s research focuses on the development of novel instrumentation for astronomy and industry.

This image represents the evolution of the Universe, starting with the Big Bang. The red arrow marks the flow of time. Credit: NASA


The UCL Cosmology Group has a wide range of interests, spanning from the basic properties and evolution of the large scale structure in the Universe all the way back to the initial fluctuations that seeded this structure.

Detail from Cosmoparticle by Penelope Rose Cowley

Cosmoparticle Initiative

The Cosmoparticle Initiative is a five-year programme within the Department of Physics and Astronomy (P&A), linking the P&A Astrophysics and High Energy Physics (HEP) groups with the Mullard Space Science Laboratory Cosmology group.

J Disc, Exoplanetary Astrophysics

(Exo)Planetary Systems

The group, which incorporates the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory, conducts research into planetary systems: Earth, the Solar System and beyond.

Antenae Galaxies, Image Credit: Hubble/European Space Agency

Extragalactic Astrophysics

Our research includes star formation in our own and other galaxies, the astrophysics of gas and dust in nebular and circumstellar environments and studies of the properties of massive and evolved stars.

Inverse problem image

Galactic Astrophysics

Our research includes studies of the dynamical, stellar and star formation properties of low- intermediate- and high-mass galaxies over a wide range of redshifts.