UCL Astrophysics Group


Past Projects

Past projects of the group are listed below with links to the project's own webpages where applicable.  The R&D activities of the group have been broadly categorised into 3 main divisions, within each category the projects are listed in reverse date order.

Astronomical Spectrographs and Instrumentation

Research, development and construction of spectrographic and other astronomical instrumentation. OSL's origins go back to the development of astronomical  spectrographs, such as the UCL Echelle Spectrograph (UCLES) for the Anglo-Australian Telescope that was commissioned in 1988.


Active and Adaptive Optics

The measurement and automated compensation of image defects due to manufacturing errors, thermal and gravity-induced distortions, and turbulence or other inhomogeneities in the light-path.


Optical Manufacture and Metrology

Modern technologies for the automated manufacture and measurement of optical surfaces.