UCL Astrophysics Group


People by Groups

Below is a list of staff members arranged according to Research Groups.

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Support Staff

Dr John Deacon (Computer Manager)
Dr Edward Edmondson  (High Performance Computing Manager)
Dr Joanna Fabbri
Dr Clare Jenner
Ms Anita Maguire
Mrs Kay Nakum (Group Manager)
Ms Madina Rangrej
Ms Raphaële Raupp 
Mr Alastair Williams



Director of UCLO

Prof. Giorgio Savini

Teaching Staff

Mr Stephen Boyle
Dr Francisco Diego
Dr Steve Fossey


Dr Michael Dworetsky

UCLO Computer Manager

Mr Thomas Schlichter

UCLO Technicians

Ms Shana Sullivan
Mr Mick Pearson

Outreach Coordinator

Dr Mark Fuller

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