Institute of Archaeology

Dr Renata F Peters

Dr Renata F Peters

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Archaeology Gordon Square

Institute of Archaeology

Joined UCL
11th Jul 2005

Research summary

Dr. Renata Peters has a special interest in the ethics and impacts of conservation; public outreach; the interfaces between the conservation of contemporary art and indigenous collections; street art and issues relating to vandalism. She is also very interested in South American archaeology and the conservation of material originating from South American indigenous groups; investigative conservation; waxes and plant materials (with a focus on basketry and bark cloth); modern materials used to replace traditional art materials; lithics; and fossils. 

Renata is the leader of 'Conservation and Development', a research network focused on conservation's impact in social and political arenas. She is also coordinator of the ICOM-CC Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures Working Group, editor in chief of the Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies (JCMS), and she runs UCL Conversations on Conservation of Cultural Heritage blog/facebook/twitter pages with students and colleagues from various institutions.

Teaching summary

Dr. Renata Peters has taught different subjects to students of different ages and backgrounds. As a follower of Paulo Freire's critical pedagogy, her main purpose as an educator is to help students think critically and creatively so as to enable them to fulfill their potentials and aspirations.


Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
BA, Fine Art |
University College London
MA, Principles of Conservation |
University College London
MSc, Conservation |
University College London
PhD, Museum studies |


Dr. Renata  Peters has worked in various countries in South and North America, Europe and Africa. At the moment she is working on the conservation of lithics and fossils from Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) and starting a project to explore the use of bark cloth in South America.