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UCLU Student Choice Awards 2021

20 April 2021

Congratulations to all the UCL Institute of Archaeology staff and students who were nominated in the UCLU Student Choice Awards this year.

UCL Front Quad and Portico (Copyright:@Elaine Perks 2015)

Institute of Archaeology Nominees (UCLU Student Choice Awards 2021) 

Active Student Partnership

The award for Active Student Partnership gives students the opportunity to thank a member of staff who’s committed to listening to and working with students and their representatives to improve and change education at UCL.

  • Carolyn Rando
  • Bill Sillar

Amazing Support Staff

The award for Amazing Support Staff allows students to thank a member of staff who isn’t in a teaching role, but still makes a huge difference to their learning with their help, patience and care.

  • Sandra Bond
  • Lisa Daniel
  • Charlotte Frearson
  • Judy Medrington
  • Thom Rynsaard

Brilliant Research-Based Education

  • Simon Hillson
  • Mark Roberts

Excellent Personal Tutoring

The award for Excellent Personal Tutoring gives students the opportunity to thank a member of staff who is always there to provide them with pastoral support or academic guidance.

  • Michael Charlton
  • Claudia Naeser
  • Renata Peters
  • Mark Roberts

Exceptional Feedback

This award gives students the chance to thank members of staff who provide constructive, useful feedback on their assessment and learning, helping them to progress and succeed.

  • Jill Saunders
  • Rachael Sparks
  • Tim Williams

Outstanding Research Supervision

The award for Outstanding Research Supervision is for staff who help postgraduate research students to succeed, balancing providing support and fostering independence.

  • Andrew Gardner
  • Louise Martin
  • Patrick Quinn
  • Ulrike Sommer
  • James Steele

Inspiring Teaching Delivery

The award for Inspiring Teaching Delivery allows students to thank a member of staff who delivers exceptional teaching, using innovative and engaging methods to hold their interest and help them to learn.

  • Corisande Fenwick
  • Ian Freestone
  • Julian Garay (PGTA)
  • Elizabeth Graham
  • Gai Jorayev
  • Rachel King
  • Borja Legarra Herrero
  • Mike Parker Pearson
  • Dominic Pollard (PGTA)
  • Ceri Shipton
  • Rachael Sparks
  • Alice Stevenson

These awards are completely student-led and provide a way for students to thank an amazing member of staff and let them know that their hard work makes a difference. 

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